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The Balldazzler

If it's good enough for Jennifer Love Hewitt, it's good enough.
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A device for attaching sequins to one's scrotum, so the sack sparkles like a deflated disco ball.
saxman, May 05 2010

Not safe for work http://images.googl...q=&gs_rfai=&start=0
[zeno, May 05 2010]

baked http://www.youtube....watch?v=yPNgQt0Lkl8
[jaksplat, May 05 2010]


       Or like the family jewels.   

       Hey..  I think they can do this with piercings already, so, may be baked.  At least they'd get a kick out of trying.   

       I'm not sure decorated scroti could become attactive to any conceivable person, but, who knows?     

       Gives new meaning to the account name saxman, saxman.   

       How 'bout jingle bells to make jingle balls?
Mustardface, May 05 2010

       Disco Bollocks ?   

       //A device\\ What kind of device, how would it work. There's really no idea here is there? Decorate the scrotum? people heve been doing that for decades.
zeno, May 05 2010

       The device could be relatively simple: a board to which are attached two pots, one containing creamy white PVA glue, the other containing a sequins-and-glitter mix, each pot, in turn, containing your scrotum.
calum, May 05 2010

       Shirley "The Ball Dazzler" should be not a device that causes the ball to be dazzling, but a device to dazzle the ball? I suggest inward-facing underpants-mounted searchlights.
pocmloc, May 05 2010

       Alternate suggested title: "Bejeweled."
RayfordSteele, May 05 2010

       /Disco Bollocks ?/   

       Funky Disco Bollocks?   


       By the way, what sort of disco's to you go to, where these would be visible!
webfishrune, May 06 2010

       Yikes, Zeno, I think some of those people are asking for an infection of some sort.
nomocrow, May 06 2010

       With this, a man might be able to appear in public with his genitals exposed, and people would think he was only ("only") wearing a gaudy codpiece. That would appeal to some people, I suppose.
mouseposture, May 07 2010


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