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Super Baggy Trousers 2

Something that was left out of the original idea
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See link for earlier HalfBakery idea. Just the other day I was noticing the number of guys walking around with their pants hanging low, and was wondering if they were using old-fashioned suspenders to keep them from falling all the way down. And people talk about women's fashions cycling back from ancient history!

Anyway, I also happened to notice that they were usually also wearing long shirts, which served to prevent their underpants from being on display. So I thought, "Maybe what they need is a different shape of pants." But the shape I thought of is a bit different from the Super Baggy Pants in that other Idea.

In this Idea, the length of the pants legs is normal, but the distance from the waistband to the crotch (and to the pockets) is doubled. Now you can use an ordinary belt to hold the pants on (from the waist as normal), and you can still wear a long shirt, so no one knows you aren't wearing ordinary pants hanging dangerously low (also with pant-legs piled at the ankles). That is, what others see will look just like the fad.

Vernon, Sep 13 2006

Super Baggy Trousers Super_20Baggy_20Trousers
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Sep 13 2006]

Zoot Suit http://www.anytimec...es/008001550gld.jpg
these were once made illegal in Los Angeles, leading to the notorious Zoot Suit riots [xenzag, Sep 13 2006]

Trousersuit http://web.mac.com/...trouser%20suit.html
illustration of extreme trousersuit [xenzag, Sep 13 2006]


       take a look at a Zoot Suit - you may also want to look at my own illustration of a Trousersuit (see link)
xenzag, Sep 13 2006

       [xenzag], that particular zoot suit, ignoring the color scheme, looks like it has simply ordinary pants, but which are 4 or 5 sizes too large for the wearer.   

       The trouser suit is a curiosity, but not too useful without arm holes, sorry. (Maybe have the arms come out of the pockets?)
Vernon, Sep 13 2006

       I think the waist band to crotch distance was at least doubled in a Zoot... but who cares - I like the idea of wacky clothes - I do lots of them myself, so have a croissant to stuff into your pocket. +
xenzag, Sep 13 2006

       [+] Good idea, and I love xenxag's illustration.
fridge duck, Sep 13 2006


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