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Super Simon Says

Simon Says "Touch your toes!"
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This is Super Simon Says (SSS). It is a Simon Says (SS) contest in which people from all over the world participate in. It follows all of the regular rules of SS.

Because there are literally thousands of people all competing at he same time, it is hard to wach for cheating. Hence, all players must wear touch sensitive body suits. These body suits have access to the pre-designed list of commands. If the wearer exceeds the bounds for that command (ie: moving whn he didn't say "Simon says", or waiting to long when he did) that player is out. Play continues until all but one person is out. If all remaining playes get out on the last turn, there is a re-do.

Players take a 15 minute break after every hour of competion.

Winner gets a real gold trophy and a nice day in the spa.

DesertFox, Nov 09 2004


       Mass participation or Olympics?
DesertFox, Nov 09 2004

       //It follows all of the regular rules of SS.// Including genocide?
contracts, Nov 09 2004

       Only, presumably, if Simon commands it...
DocBrown, Nov 09 2004

       Do the players get to wear those shiny leather boots?   

       Actually, where can I get a pair of those?
zen_tom, Nov 09 2004

       this is spooky DF.
po, Nov 09 2004

       Simon says, take off your touch sensitive body suits.
Pericles, Nov 09 2004

       Super Simon says: Email your credit card details to supersimon@fishbone.com.
stupop, Nov 09 2004


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