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Urban anti-crime groups

Game where group follows real criminals and posts findings on youtube
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From pickpockets to white collar crime, you join a group, get some info from the main office, in your area, and your set to go off on a real investigation.

It could be dangerous and you have to do everything legally. But those are the rules.

Oh and there's no insurance. Its at your own risk.

pashute, Dec 10 2012

It's time to put out the trash. http://www.youtube....watch?v=siEpf5SL3Hw
[rcarty, Dec 11 2012]


       //and you have to do everything legally.//   

       ...So by not stalking? How would this harassment be legal? How would you be sure, like beyond a reasonable doubt sure, they were criminal?   

       If I, as a non-criminal, suddenly developed a following of stalker-ish paparazi types, you could be sure that eventually I would resort to criminal behaviour, aimed at these creeps.
Custardguts, Dec 11 2012

       Or law enforcement that interprets law politically.
rcarty, Dec 11 2012

       That really is a grey area of the law that objectifies a grey area. It's illegal to publish someone as a pedophile if they have not been criminally convicted, unless the accusation is carefully directed towards their conviction. Sometimes people who operate towards enforcing the object of the law break another the law. I'd like to get on that pedobaiting site by pushing the boundaries like [beanangel]. Bringing about legal course of action against that channel by pushing the boundaries of watching girls dancing on youtube by defending yourself against being a pedophile doesn't really happen too often.
rcarty, Dec 11 2012

       To help protect your identity (don't want those criminals forming their own anti-vigilante groups) you could wear some kind of costume or mask - perhaps themed on your favourite animal/colour combination. Then, fully equipped with suitable gear that you've knocked up in the garage, you could go out and get in adventures, perhaps chronicling them in some form of easy-to-read/distribute pamphlet. These could be handed out along with free soup to urban whelps, the distributors f which might adopt some kind of calling convention to announce their wares, something like "Soup-a-here-o!" to let people know, perhaps, that there was some soup available, locally.
zen_tom, Dec 11 2012


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