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Unexpected Adventure

How would you *really* do in those intense movie scenes?
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Imagine this:

You're walking down the street and a black van pulls over and stops next to you. A bunch of thugs dressed in black with ski masks jump out and grab you, gagging you and stuffing you into the van. The sliding door slams closed, and the van speeds off. You are injected with a knockout drug and everything goes black...

You wake up tied to a chair in a room with a bunch of other bewildered hostages. There is a bearded middle-eastern man with a gun barking orders. "Don't move! You fucking western infidels have crossed the line, now you are going to pay for your transgressions!" The man leaves the room, locking the door behind him.

You tug at the ropes binding your wrists, and find they aren't quite as strong as they look. You tug a little more, and they snap. What will you do now? How will you get out alive? *Will * you get out alive?

The entire thing is recorded on hidden cameras. A micro camera is secretly attached to your shirt (it was put there when you were drugged in the van). The nation is watching. How brave are you *really*?

You sign up to be available at a moment's notice to be spontaneously thrust into a reality adventure show. You agree that it may take place any time, day or night, within the next 4 years (it's not binding, if circumstances make you unavailable, make a phone call to have your name removed from the list).

You sign a medical waiver absovling the company of any responsibility for (within reason) accidental injury or death.

This is for the die-hard movie fanatics that always boast how much better they could handle intense situations than the characters who "lived" it. Sign up for the chance to prove what you're really made of.

21 Quest, Nov 22 2006

The Man Who Knew Too Little http://www.imdb.com...0120483/plotsummary
Great movie [bdag, Nov 03 2009]


       Sounds a lots like the movie 'The Game'?
imaginality, Nov 22 2006

       Sounds almost identical to the show 'Scare Tactics'. The only difference is that people nominate friends or relatives, rather than themselves.

       If you've signed up for this, it probably isn't likely to scare you that much. Conversely if you do accidently end up in the middle of some real mob war/terrorist uprising/international crime ring, you could easily mistake it for the show and dare someone to shoot you.
hidden truths, Nov 22 2006

       I am with Imaginality on this one, but I would still sign up.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 22 2006

       No producer in his right mind would have anything to do with the nutcases that would sign up for this. These guys would be bristling with guns and knives, and when the "adventure" started, somebody would get killed.
bungston, Nov 22 2006

       I remember Scare Tactics... Shannon's pretty cute, ain't she? I always thought that show was very amateurish, and most people didn't get that scared because the "scare"ers were horrible actors with really shoddy costumes.. The costumes and special effects reminded me of the kid show "Power Rangers". This would be much, much more realistic.

       I really have no argument for Bungston's anno, though.
21 Quest, Nov 22 2006

       I agree with both imaginality and hidden truths. Almost identical to the move "The Game and Scare Tactics. And I did see a few epsidoses and some people really did look like they were shitting themselves. For instance, the episode where they shot some guys friend right in front of him. Looked pretty real to me and i'm guessing alot of people have never seen someone get shot in real life right there in front of them so it would have looked real to them.

       Also, like bungston said, huge chance that when someone signs up they will be waiting those four years, gun in hand, ready for action
Heavy_Phat, Nov 23 2006

       That's good. Because when a terrorist really does hijack an aircraft or take a bunch of hostages, there's going to be at least a few who think it's a joke and, rather than compliantly (and suicidally) submit to the terrorist's demands, are going to be ready for action. Let's see how brave the terrorists are when they know there's going to be a bunch of jumpy die-hard movie-fans just waiting for the chance to get kidnapped so they can have their moment of glory.

       Actually, I've been thinking more on h_t's anno:

       // if you do accidently end up in the middle of some real mob war/terrorist uprising/international crime ring, you could easily mistake it for the show and dare someone to shoot you.//

       That's kinda the point. How would you *really* act in such a situation? This is something you choose to sign yourself up for, and therefore a risk you willingly take. If you accidentally end up in a real situation and foolishly dig yourself in deeper, then it's because you *couldn't* hack it better than the movie character and now the world has lost one more annoying blowhard. What's the downside?
21 Quest, Nov 24 2006

       Further to truth's anno, perhaps the "real-action" hero could get nominated for both the Oscar and the Darwin award at the same time!

       Posthumously, of course.
Canuck, Nov 25 2006

       never never never. But:

       // How would you *really* act in such a situation? //

       is why it's a brilliant brilliant idea. What are we all *really* like? I reckon the ones that go all James Bond and start creeping about mugging the hapless bit-part guards are the ones to worry about. On the other hand, the ones that do nothing but weep silently would probably be the ones to invite to your firstborn's christening.
whennightfalls, Nov 25 2006

       //If you've signed up for this, it probably isn't likely to scare you that much.//

       Yeah, that's about it.
nomocrow, Nov 27 2006

       //How would you *really* do in those intense movie scenes?//
Bleh. I'd suggest the //die-hard movie fanatics// seek out something dangerous and yet morally praiseworthy to do, and do it as safely as possible, instead of doing this fantasy thing. The thing is, movies don't show what would *really* happen: most action movies have plot holes you could drive an exploding truck through. If you want to see what you would do in that situation if you were a movie hero, I'm sure you could hire some actors and editors to put video of your antics in CGI-enhanced slow motion with music.
sninctown, Oct 01 2009


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