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The Advertisement

A bank robbery is ruined by an advertisement being filmed there
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This well-planned robbery is executed with exact precision. luckily (and crazily) all the faults and malfunctions happen to the good guys, and the bad guys, who are real bad guys, that nobody likes, as you can see on the screen, get through exactly on time and without a scratch. Countless failures cancel each other out.

The fictitious advertised product is ever-present on the set from the beginning, but in a bad way, explicitly criticized with bad feedback.

Just when everything works out and everything is going as planned a second robbery takes place in front of them. It is supposed to be an improvisation by actors for an advertisement that they are making, but without a script.

The robbers try to convince the cashiers that it's a real robbery, but the advertisement, which looks much more violent than the real robbery, takes over and ruins everything.

The happy and darkly humorous ending of the advertisement touches the heart of one of the robbers and, in the end, they all decide to change their ways, and join the good guys, which sucks and everybody else is disappointed.

pashute, Sep 06 2023


       Dog Day Pollyanna.
minoradjustments, Sep 07 2023


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