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The Discontinuity Show

30 minutes without context of any sort.
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A 30-minute TV show of disconnected, random images (still or video) being displayed in sequence. People would start to see connections everywhere and discuss the show obsessively the next day:

"Hey, did you catch Discontinuity last night? What did you think the part with the pancakes meant?"

halffinity, Mar 12 2009

benfrost's "Tangents" Tangents
the near opposite of this idea [calum, Mar 12 2009]

Monty_Python's_Flying_Circus http://en.wikipedia...hon's_Flying_Circus
not quite random [csea, Mar 12 2009]

print form Total_20Non_20Sequitur
[calum, Mar 12 2009]

Dr http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_Pyke
Wave those arms! [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009]

the pancake part... http://i.dailymail....5DC-773_468x362.jpg
[xandram, Mar 12 2009]

HB_20_40_20uTube [Spacecoyote, Mar 12 2009]


       mmm, pancakes.
k_sra, Mar 12 2009

       Wouldn't it be pancakes + something else? Like, hey what do you think it meant to show those crazy random maple trees right after the pancakes?? Confusing!
daseva, Mar 12 2009

       mmm, tree pancakes.
k_sra, Mar 12 2009

       "And now for something completely different..." [link]
csea, Mar 12 2009

       The context is its all one show. What you need is a series of disconnected shows that are disconnected. Presented by Dr Magnus Pike. [link]
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009

       Like poetry in the New Yorker!   


       That elk is such a dick. He’s a space tree   

       making a ski and a little foam chiropractor.   

       I set the controls, I pioneer   

       the seeding of the ionosphere.   

       I translate the Bible into velociraptor.
plasticspoon, Mar 12 2009

       This could be the Search Term show. One would show pictures from Google images produced by a single word. The contestants would have to guess what that word was.
bungston, Mar 13 2009


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