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Super bubbly bath taps

Bath taps which let out water and bubble bath at the same time so producing more lather.
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These taps would have a smaller tube which opens slightly further up the the tap than it's end. If you wanted to have bubbles in your bath then you could select the option of having a small but steady amount of bubble bath released through this tube while the taps were running. As it comes out with the water it is mixed thoroughly and produces more bubbles without the person running the bath having to swirl them around.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 11 2002


       Would the owner load the bubble bath in, as in pour it from a bottle into a compartment? Could s/he choose different scents and things?
catfish25, Nov 11 2002

       I suppose it could have different sections for each user. A final wash through with each use would make sure that there wasn't an odd mixture of bubble bath residue left in.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 11 2002

       Our water pressure is really crap so you have to swirl it really hard to get any reasonable mount of bubbliness.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 11 2002

       Would a small air compressor do the trick?   

       ...or a remote controlled toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat...
_Mowgli_, Nov 11 2002

       electric whisk?
po, Nov 11 2002

       Eat more baked beans.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2002

|~{{ :-)...^_________,%..................//~|
hollajam, Nov 11 2002

       I never have a secret decoder ring when I need one.   

       [8th] - is there a deodorizing bubble bath? If so, it doesn't appear that [hollajam]'s bather is using it, and I don't know how long that breath is going to last...
lurch, Nov 11 2002

       [TuFries ShyPak] No decoder needed. She's just a kid a heart making a trial run for 8th of 7's suggestion.   

       [thcgenius], <pity> I hope the soaks were sensational. The price could be worth potential boasting...   

       [Lurch] I happen to know she's amphibious and talented too! No beans needed. She just takes a deep breath then *channels* the air. Nary a scent but milk and rose hips...
hollajam, Nov 12 2002

       Didn’t anyone else read about this in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire?
Isis, Nov 12 2002

       Come to mention it yeah... in a way... but it didn't work the same.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 12 2002


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