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Village clock

A moving scene timepiece
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I had a look at [FJ's] clocks, and I didn't see this one: I hope I'm correct.
An LCD display shows a typical village scene corresponding to the time of day.
For example, the milkman comes at 6am, the postman comes at 8am, the pub opens at 7pm, chucking out time is at 11pm.
Sound effects could be used as well: chinking of bottles, singing in the pub
These things are repeated every day.
For accuracy, the village itself could have a village clock.
I imagine the whole thing as a painting on the wall.
Believe it or not, this idea came to me about 25 years ago, but the technology was not available. Now I think it is too easily bakeable.
Ling, Mar 21 2004

technology not available 25 years ago? mebbe not but this little beauty would be something like you envisage.. http://manchesterhi...levue/guinness.html
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Time-sensitive 3D shading http://www.halfbake...tive_203D_20shading
very similar to krelnik's post, the annos and the third link [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew. http://www.nostalgi...v/kids/trumpton.jpg
sorry, seemed apt. [po, Oct 04 2004]


       Actually, I've long wanted to do this with, say, a Constable painting. But why an LCD? Much easier with a flat screen TV or computer monitor.
DrCurry, Mar 21 2004

       [DrCurry], Of course, TFT, plasma, whatever can do the job: that's not so important.
I like your idea about paintings. Horse drawn carts with hay on them appearing as regular as clockwork.
The village came to mind because there is scope for many things during the day, and night. Imagine a traditional English village with a church, pub, baker, butcher etc.
The date could be shown on one of the doors, the day - perhaps the street name, and the month by the village name.
No.27 Monday Street, November.
Main spring now wound up: That should read No.22 Monday Street, March.
Ling, Mar 22 2004

       I think your clock is fast, Ling. mine only makes it March.
po, Mar 22 2004

       Damn computer clocks - never right. Ought to be considering how much they cost.
Hang on a minute: I'll wind it up a bit.
Ling, Mar 22 2004

       Of course, the milkman can't come by everyone's house at 6. This makes the village sized one imprecise and customization required for the home version.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2004

       [Worldgineer], the milkman could start at the end of the street at 5:45am, and work his way along, finally finishing at 6:15am. Whistling all the way.
At dawn, a cockerel sounds, and a boot is thrown at it from a nearby window.
Ling, Mar 22 2004

       I thought with the overview, that perhaps all the events would be tear-jerkers:   

       drunk boyfriend rolls in the door at 4am telling you he's in love with his ex   

       young homeless child begs for a penny at 8am   

       boss fires you upon arrival at work at 9am
seedy em, Mar 22 2004


       // But why an LCD? Much easier with a flat screen TV or computer monitor. //   

       How is "an LCD" necessarily not "a flat screen TV or computer monitor"? I believe most of those are LCDs.
notexactly, Dec 07 2019

       Well of course that's what "They" want you to believe ...
8th of 7, Dec 07 2019


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