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Survival of the fittest

Fight over the bread
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Meager amounts of groceries are behind the counter of this less-than-super-market in your own neighborhood, which is tended to by less-than-helpful staff.
thumbwax, Oct 03 2002

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       baked its called coles
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002

       So, the shopping carts could be much smaller, the aisles narrower and all the checkouts are "4 items or less".
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2002

       Inconveniance stores - Garry Larson
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002


       Isn't this widely baked in many poor countries?
bristolz, Oct 03 2002

       thumbwax, you shop at the same grocery store I do?
eris, Oct 03 2002

       Careful, thumbwax, sounds like eris may be trying to preempt...
lurch, Oct 04 2002

       Reminds me of a class activity I did in Pre-AP/Pre-IB World Geography to learn about communism:   

       We all made 'cars' by tracing a design, coloring them, and cutting them out. After 5 minutes, she would all pay us the same, regardless of how many sub-yugo quality cars we made. Then we could go to the 'store' with our money, and no matter how much money everyone had, they each got the same amount of bread(hard candy), but after the first 7 people, the store just 'ran out'. She told us the USSR wasn't much different.
BinaryCookies, Oct 06 2002


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