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Suspicious Package Costume

Is that a suspicous package or are you just happy to see me?
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While taking the New York Subway to work each weekend I have come to view the subway posters that tell riders to watch for suspicious packages and if they see one to call 311 with a bit of humor thus leading to this idea.

For Halloween or just a costume party, now everyone can dress up like a suspicous package. Just take one refrigerator box, cut holes to see and put your arms through and then write "Suspicious package" on the front.

Please do not wear to your local US Post Office.

MrDaliLlama, Jun 29 2005


       Presumably you'd also need holes for your legs?
Texticle, Jun 30 2005

       For a more twisted rendition one could wear just a smaller box that fit only around the waist and write "Suspicious Package" front and center.   


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