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Sweetheart Viagra

Viagra tablets with little "I Wuv U"-style candy sentiments
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You know those sweetheart candies with saccarine phrases printed on them that are so popular around Valentine's Day? Why not make a Special Edition of Viagra with slogans on them as well? I'm not sure a heart-shaped version of the drug tablet would be easier to swallow, but it would certainly send a friendly message...
cloudface, Feb 13 2005

Intrinsa http://www.business...1028_8091_db016.htm
[po, Feb 15 2005]

Hate Hearts Hate_20Hearts
by DrBob. Could be expanded to "Your dick doesn't work", "I could do a better job myself" and "At least Pele was good at football." [calum, Feb 15 2005]


       Could confuse the kids!
gnomethang, Feb 13 2005

       Did you hear about the guy who broke a tablet into ten pieces and used them one at a time because he read that the effect lasted for 36 hours but didn't need it for that long.
angel, Feb 13 2005

       what colours do they come in?
benfrost, Feb 13 2005

       Blue. Sometimes after you've had one, you can get it in pink.
swamilad, Feb 13 2005

       +I love this idea. Sort of Baked already for ecstasy. Whimsical or romantic X tablet stamps are pretty common, but they usually don't have any text. Still, a good idea. Leave it to the unfettered black market to give the consumer what he or she wants. This gives me the idea to bake Valentine's Day themed pot brownies. </rant> Viagra is a recreational drug, plain and simple, and it's only legal because it was developed by the untouchable pharmaceutical industry and it's used by the ever-potent political bloc of Upper-Class Old White Men. Bob Dole you are a sick sad fiend for sex and dope.</rant>
Wisconsin, Feb 13 2005

       <old joke> Apparently the US now spends more on Viagra than on alzheimer's research. So by 2040, there will be a large number of American's with impressive erections that they've forgotten what to do with.<old joke>
Basepair, Feb 13 2005

       I'm all for Viagra as a recreational drug, why not? What bothers me is the amount of money spent on it and what that money could have achieved in cancer research or other fields.
wagster, Feb 13 2005

       [cloudface], are you related to [Mustardface]?
contracts, Feb 14 2005

       //Special Edition of Viagra with slogans on them//   

       Sex tips would come in handy.
Pericles, Feb 14 2005

       "I'm not sure a heart-shaped version of the drug tablet would be easier to swallow"   

       What shape would be better?
robinism, Feb 14 2005

       Viagra is a recreational drug? I think that's an ignorant statement. Impotence treatment prior to the advent of effective impotence drugs was extremely costly and often ineffective, especially in the aftermath of prostate cancer treatment.
bristolz, Feb 14 2005

       How about karma-sutra shaped - every pill shows a different position.
Flux, Feb 14 2005

       I am all for oldsters using viagra if they want to. I'll tell you why: sex is easy to remember. That's why memory books tell you to make your mnemonics as sexy as possible. Old people could remember where the cafeteria is in their retirement homes by saying "oh yes, I remember that's the day that gorgeous 90-something and I rode to the lobby together."
phundug, Feb 14 2005

       Only the guy takes 'em, am I right? So are the messages aimed at him?
k_sra, Feb 14 2005

       Sorry [bris], my rant was pretty insensitive, but it was ironic, and more pro-drug than anti-Viagra. My point is that Viagra is not a fertility drug. It's a drug designed to allow people to have sex for the purpose of sensual and emotional gratification. We take it for granted that people have a right to a sex life even if they are old or a prostate cancer survivor. There was a time when this was not the case, in fact sex for gratification was frowned upon. Sex is recreation, and at this point it's also widely recognized as an integral part of our lives. I believe that the desire to alter one's consciousness is equally integral to being human, and I don't think anyone has a right to tell me what to put in my body, whether it's designed to kill my pain (psychic or physical) or arouse me (mentally or sexually) or whatever. My body is my body and that is that. Sorry if I offended anyone.
Wisconsin, Feb 14 2005

       [Una] I can respect everything about that comment except the death wish.
Wisconsin, Feb 15 2005

       Viagra was never developed for erectile dysfunction. It was researched as a drug to lower blood pressure. It just so happens that their test subjects received a "side" benefit from taking this drug.
darkboy115, Feb 15 2005

       [Flux] //How about karma-sutra shaped - every pill shows a different position//.
SP: Kama-Sutra (actually Kamasutra)
energy guy, Feb 16 2005

       Oops - that was a pretty bad error. Think I need more practice writing the word. Not to mention knowing the positions.
Flux, Feb 16 2005

       Take 'em for a heart-on!
surfish, Feb 16 2005

       Haha, [UnaBubba] made a funny. : )   

       I've heard that Viagra can give you a hard attack. *snort*
k_sra, Feb 18 2005

       Viagra mixed with commonly used blood pressure drugs can be fatal. Since many elderly folks use nitrates to combat high blood pressure, when someone using nitrates uses Viagra at the same time, their blood pressure will fall even more, often to fatal levels. But I've never heard of heart attacks.
darkboy115, Feb 18 2005

       UnaBubba - "Avoiding oxidants, carcinogens and excessive consumption of almost anything will mitigate the onset of most cancers" - you miss the point utterly. The aim of all biomedical research, in any civilized society, should be to allow us to do all the things we enjoy and then not die. The car industry has long recognized this fact, and has provided safety features which allow us to move at ridiculous speeds but still survive the resulting impact. (Of course, I am still looking for a civilized society.)
Basepair, Feb 19 2005

       [darkboy], hard, I said HARD. Dear lord it's not easy getting a pun thru these days.
k_sra, Feb 19 2005


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