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Ready Rolled Roaches

For when you cant
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I do not condone totally or fully agree with dope smoking, but what else are king size Rizlas sold for, but for people to role joints. And if people are going to do this, as I understand they do frequently, why not help them out further buy selling ready roled roaches. You can get 21 into a match box...apparently.
kendal lavery2, Feb 01 2002


       Baked, I'm afraid. Never bought 21 in a box, but in the '70s you could buy them for 1USD each. Though the price may have changed, I suspect they are still available.
phoenix, Feb 02 2002

       Marlboro Greens?
axertes, Feb 23 2002

       Those are menthol...
StarChaser, Feb 23 2002

       Baked - They already have a plethora of different makes of ready-made roaches, on sale in the coffee shops of amsterdam, and various 'herbal' shops in the UK.   

       For the ultimate roaching material i recommend the sliver of green card right from the 'heart' of the rizla packet, which is of almost perfect consistency and thickness.
HowardMarks, Jul 29 2002

       Well if anyone would know, Howard Marks would <eyes "HowardMarks" suspiciously...>   

       I've allways wondered, do those filters you can buy for rollups reduce the effect of dope?
yamahito, Jul 29 2002

       One of the effects being 'death by cancer', yes.
angel, Jul 29 2002

       yamahito- they clog after three hits. I would say this renders it pretty much ineffective.   

       Of course, the truly skilled don't need to use a roach, tapered ends work just fine.
Mr Burns, Jul 29 2002


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