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Swimming Lure

Because fishing is boring...
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I like fish. I don't mind fishing, I hate mosquitos.

Have a motorized lure that mimicks the wavy motion of a fish. Attach some hooks and a small camera in the front of the lure. Small wires trail from the lure, up the fishing line and to the boat. Inside the boat is a joystick and a small t.v.

Now instead of casting and trying to make the lure look like a fish, simply plop your robotic fish in, and swim around. Perfect for those children who cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes unless they have an X-box controller in their hands!

swimr, Jul 02 2004

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       Or you could avoid boredom by doing what I do.....get in the water and chase the critters with a spear while holding your breath.
normzone, Jul 02 2004

       no mosquitos that way
schematics, Jul 02 2004

       Yes, hunting fish with a home made spear was certainly more fun than that worm-on-a-string bit. Less fruitful perhaps, but more fun. A 3 ft. x 1/4" steel rod cold forged (hammer and anvil) and filed in to an arrowhead shape on one end...a kid probably couldn't even get away with carrying something like that now. Ah, the joys of growing up in the boondocks.
half, Jul 02 2004

       Can it be a glow in the dark lure?   

       Screw catching the fish with the thing, just having a little underwater camera I could swim around with would be cool.
5th Earth, Jul 02 2004

       Yeah but I would get hungry sitting around in a boat all day...
swimr, Jul 03 2004

       You eat the fish as you catch them?
half, Jul 03 2004

       Yes, freedive spearfishing is really more sneaking and less chasing, although it contains both. And we have eaten fish as we caught them, if it's lunch or dinner time.   

       I like robotic cameras also, but it's fun to go to the gang boundry for the Seals and Sharks, wear Seal colors, and put blood in the water [am I nuts ? questioning wisdom]
normzone, Jul 03 2004

       Uh, I dunno if "nuts" cuts it...
swimr, Jul 03 2004

       //You eat the fish as you catch them?/   

       Yup. That Gollem bloke had the right idea.
lostdog, Jul 03 2004


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