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Switl external airbag

Save the pedestrians from being hit by your vehicle and also from being thrown along the road afterward
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An external airbag for motor vehicles has been suggested[1], but a problem with it would be that it would cause any pedestrians struck by a vehicle so equipped to be thrown further, likely nullifying the benefit of a softer collision with the vehicle by causing a harder collision with the road.

I trust you all know what a switl is, or can find out.

I propose an external airbag that acts as a switl, rolling out along the road surface as it inflates to smoothly scoop up the pedestrians (along with strollers, wheelchairs, etc.) and safely lift them up and then deposit them once the vehicle has come to a stop.


notexactly, Oct 11 2016

[1] [croissantz]'s external airbag idea Exterior airbags
Mentioned in the idea [notexactly, Oct 11 2016]

Is this real? https://www.youtube...watch?v=mDlHGhKHIdM
[pashute, Oct 15 2016]




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