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ultimate air bag

air bag/ contraption that propels from the car
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The ultimate airbag would not nessacarily be made out of nylon and filled with air. It might be made of a rods and would form itself into a contraption which wouyd project out of the front (or sides or back) of a car when a sensor detected imment impact with an oncoming object of vehicle. The rod made contraption would collapse or break apart and absorb much of the impact of a collision, protecting the vehicle and its occupants.


izzard, Aug 02 2003


       sp: unlit mate.
po, Aug 02 2003

       Sp: utilimate
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       sp: utility mate.
po, Aug 02 2003

       Why not a big air bag that projects from the front of the car? Or a big bag that inflates under the car sending over danger's head?   

       And do you go by izzard izzard or just izzard?
k_sra, Aug 02 2003

       l like the idea of just-in-time impact absorbtion but am wondering about what mechanism you propose to properly detect an imminent collision. Deceleration from braking would likely produce a lot of false positives while deceleration from impact is too late. Perhaps obstruction closing-speed detection with radar or similar? Even that could likely be fooled and triggered by a tree or large sign or lightpost near the edge of a twisty road.   

       Maybe, if every vehicle were equipped with a proximity-signal transmitter or something but that wouldn't help much with concrete bridge abutments or brick walls, etc.
bristolz, Aug 02 2003

       Sp: Tamil ute
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       Sp: Taut lime
gnomethang, Aug 03 2003


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