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The Event of the Millenia

Wait centuries and then have a party
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There is a need for people to focus on the long term. To plant trees, as it is said, for our grandchildren to sit under. But it's instinctive, for good reasons in most cases, to live in the moment. In REALLY hard times it's better to have those calories inside your belly than to risk losing them. The end result of these stresses is too little focus on the future.

We all like to party*. We also like to look forward to a party. Whose going to be there? Whose going to do something stupid? This will be the perfect recipe. Hey, let's have fireworks! or even just, "I'm really looking forward to a couple of days off to decompress, catch up on my sleep, and have some bar-b-que". A good party is worth saving for and anticipating, even if it's for our children.

Proposed is a massive grand blow-out for the year 3000. A party they'll still be talking about in the year 10k. A bonfire the size of a volcano. Thousand year old whisky. A thousand years worth of entertainment ideas. Ski-parachuting. Surf-skeet. Dolphin races. Moon jumps. The single best kind of (insert your favorite thing here) science will be able to devise over the next thousand years. Poetry from the past in one corner, a celebration of the finer points of crack cocaine in another. Anything goes. But not until the party.

We should start setting aside resources now. Each family or individual, voluntarily to eventually be placed in the care of a highly trustworthy organization. Those who contribute get to say which activities, items, foods, or whatever else their contribution goes to. A hundred thousand euros into researching better potato salad? Why not? Keep a little buzz going on about it. A few articles every new year so no one forgets. Recommendations from entertainment experts. Requests from scientists. Stockpile size numbers. Keep at it for a hundred years and it will become a tradition. And so peoples eyes will turn from needs and conflicts of the moment to the possible state of the future.

*where "party" is defined as "have a party each of us likes."

Voice, Jul 17 2022


       I'm in! Can we start pre-drinking yet?
pocmloc, Jul 17 2022

       Absolutely, let's start now. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 17 2022

       The way things are going, whomever is around will be decorating their caves with paintings of earth life before the mass extinction that's already well underway. example: I made two 200 mile drives recently with barely an insect ending up stuck to the windscreen. When I was younger the whole front of the car would have been plastered with them and would have to be cleaned even after a 20 mile trip.
xenzag, Jul 17 2022

       //highly trustworthy organization//
This part may be a problem...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 17 2022

       Which I'd be happy to solve. Just send to the Steele Foundation Trust Fund, which I'll instruct my progeny the most beneficial way to run...
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2022


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