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System openconnect - reverse API

Some people I know are working on interesting technical products but it's difficult to take advantage of what they're doing because it would require setting up complicated software, learning their build processes or poring over their documentation to learn how to use their APIs. What if I could define the API I want to use to interact with the product? Not the product decides how it works
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What if there was a website where software products and automations are listed.

You go to a product and you like the sound of the product. You want to take advantage of it.

You submit a request which describes what you want to do with the product. Your request is actually a program what is an imaginary code API of using the product. The request is public, so everyone can see the request.

The API is written in a language which allows manipulation of collection classes, a bit like an Object Relational Model system such as Django or Hibernate.

You can provide stub data objects as part of your request.

You're essentially controlling the product with the API, even though that API doesn't actually exist yet.

This is how you WANT to interact with the product.

It's an example of what you WANT to do.

The authors of the product see your request and program a layer that fulfils the API so the API is actually a real way to interact with the complicated software.

The request creator can import the API and program against it. All the programs are tied to the original request.

The platform handles versioning of the APIs and marshalling between data structures. Since the imaginary APIs are public, you can depend on any of them.

This is like a platform for integrating software but APIs are designed by their users, not by their implementors.

chronological, Apr 12 2023


       What?! You want software developers to actually create an interface & functionality that does what customers WANT? These days, it's seems they mostly remove useful features & make everything take more clicks than the last version. Or maybe I'm just using crap software...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2023

       If it's (too) complicated to setup a given software development environment, learn the build processes and how to use the API - wouldn't writing another API to describe and submit change requests to the original developers seem a bit ... uh ... more complicated?
a1, Apr 12 2023


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