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Smartphone and feature phone pairing

A smartphone that pairs with a feature phone with amazing battery life
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Your contacts are synchronized between a feature phone and a smart phone and you carry both with you.

If your smart phone battery expires you can still contact people for an emergency lift or contact for help.

chronological, May 24 2023


       Not sure which "feature phone" you intend to use, but the Nokia 2660 is a popular one. It supports importing contacts from Outlook and Gmail accounts, and allows transferring contacts via bluetooth from compatible phones. There are likely other brands/models that support this.   

       So - baked?
a1, May 24 2023

       That's a good tip; thank you, [a1].
pertinax, May 24 2023

       Even feature phones support automatic Gmail contact synching don't they?
21 Quest, May 26 2023


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