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Software Scanner

Scan for software installed
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I had to reset my Windows PC after the Windows Insider build green screened of death on me.

I had to reinstall Vagrant, Virtualbox, Spotify, Telegram, Whatsapp, Google Chrome etc

My VMs still work fortunately.

What I'd like is a way to point a program at my disks and do a scan for installed software and create a dependency file.

I can then use the dependency file to reinstall all my programs.

chronological, Jul 08 2020

Application Dependency Mapping Tools https://www.dnsstuf...dency-mapping-tools
[kdf, Jul 08 2020]

Dependency Walker https://www.dependencywalker.com/
[kdf, Jul 08 2020]

Chocolatey https://chocolatey.org/
[chronological, Jul 08 2020]

Microsoft Windows Package Manager https://docs.micros...age-manager/winget/
[kdf, Jul 13 2020]


       WKTE. Most promising Google search hits linked for you.   

       Someone actually pays you to develop software when you don't know how to maintain your own system or even use Google?
kdf, Jul 08 2020

       Kdf, you are extremely rude. I know what I want and it doesn't exist on the market today, for Windows.   

       There chocolatey, which I use for work, but it doesn't scan for existing software.
chronological, Jul 08 2020

       Rude? Yes, often.   

       This time because you post (as an "invention") a vague wish for a software product/category - which seems to widely exist. But maybe it doesn't? What specific functionality are you after that's absent from existing products? And how would your invention address it?
kdf, Jul 08 2020

       FWIW, I too am actually paid for writing software (among other things), and have had a vague wish for something similar (and a suspicion that it already existed if only I could cone up with the right search terms).   

       I'm not saying [chronological]'s not stupid but, if they are, then I am of a similar stupidity.
pertinax, Jul 09 2020

       Though I've not used it, docker is supposed to be quite good for fixing (or side-stepping) these kinds of build problems. Similarly, if you are using a virtual machine, already, why not build a clean one of those that contains vagrant, spotify, telegram and whatever else you need, save that as an image and keep a backup of a stable version of that before installing anything new.   

       That way, if anything goes wrong, you just revert to the nice clean image you've been keeping ready for just that purpose. It's a bit of a sledgehammer for this particular nut, but you know you've got a clean baseline from which to work.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2020

       Pertinax & Chronological, I’m not calling either of you stupid. But a vaguely expressed wish is not an invention. And maybe *I’m* the one who’s missing something here - educate me. Software to inventory systems for installed software and list dependencies exists. What’s the specific functionality you find lacking? What’s the proposal for taking this past “Wouldn’t it be nice if...” into “Here’s how to do it...” territory?
kdf, Jul 09 2020

       // Windows //   

       There's your problem, right there.   

       If you use windoze you deserve to suffer. Get a proper operating system.   

       // I can then use the dependency file to reinstall all my programs. //   

       You mean like the dependency files that are an intrinsic part of real operating systems like UNIX and Linux ? Operating systems that are true multi-user multi-tasking with preemptive execution ?
8th of 7, Jul 09 2020

       The Sprawling Galactic Conglomeration has got a point, it's 2020 and even Bill Gates has had enough of Windows.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2020

       In a *nix environment, this is a matter of script-golf: people competing to create the shortest one-liner to log your software setup, and the shortest to restore it later.   

       Under Windows, the assumption is that if you're "re- installing" the software, it means you're actually stealing it. Therefore, you need to again give money to each of your software vendors, or provide proof positive that you're on the same computer, it hasn't changed hands, you've never badmouthed Bill Gates, worn blackface, used Tor, appeared in a photo with Ghislaine Maxwell, subjected your computer to unqualified upgrades, or been tested for COVID-19 within the last 21 days.   

       If you meet all the requirements, you'll generally be permitted to do a re-install from a new set of media obtained at a 0% discount from the current shelf price.
lurch, Jul 09 2020

       // if you're "re- installing" the software, it means you're actually stealing it//   

       In the perfect world where nothing goes wrong, all software plays well with other software and new hardware and all testing is completely and utterly done.   

       Shouldn't the windows registry have this list embedded in it?
wjt, Jul 12 2020

       The windows registry is an abomination, a egregious offence against good coding, structured design, and common sense. It needs to be consigned to the recycle bin of computer history, along with SNA, token ring, and DRM.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       I've written an installer for Windows before and added the item to the registry at the correct location.   

       It's a shame that Windows doesn't have a proper package manager.   

       With linux I can do dpkg -l and list all my installed packages and pipe it to a file for use later on, or use Ansible to install packages.
chronological, Jul 13 2020

       Burglars love Windows. A system such that their intrusion is unregistered but allows contents to be assessed.
wjt, Jul 13 2020

       “Windows doesn't have a proper package manager.”

       There are several package managers - you mentioned Chocolaty yourself - but I’m not sure what you consider “proper.” I’ve attached a link to a Microsoft’s open source winget command line tool...which “enables developers to discover, install, upgrade, remove and configure applications on Windows 10 computers. This tool is the client interface to the Windows Package Manager service.“   

       Is it proper enough for you?
kdf, Jul 13 2020

       // With linux I can do dpkg -l and list all my installed packages and pipe it to a file for use later on, or use Ansible to install packages. //   

       Yes, you can. So why are you bothering with windoze ?   

       You have an F-15 parked outside, and you're wailing because your Wright Flyer won't go supersonic. Well, it isn't going to - ever. Nothing you do to it will make it capable of anything more than a low altitude, low speed hop. Give it up, put it in a museum where it belongs.
8th of 7, Jul 13 2020

       But when all of the airports I frequent are stretches of grass with windsocks and occasional barns, the Wright Flyer has to do.
RayfordSteele, Jul 13 2020

       ... unless you have an F-35.
8th of 7, Jul 13 2020

       "Unless you have an F-35"

       Or a helicopter. Brilliant things they are!   

       But back to the subject at hand. People develop for and use Windows because that's where the money is for them. A sorry thing, true, but I didn't build it. When Linux or MacOS or another player yet to be named have suitable market penetration, you and chron-illogical will have to find something else to whine about.
kdf, Jul 13 2020

       If I have an F-35, I'd trade it in for several thousand Wright Flyers. Bloody terrible plane for the money.
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2020


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