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TENS Unit Condom

For the Ladies As Well As the Gentlemen
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One of the chief complaints condom users express for this time tested disposable appliance is a loss of sensation while wearing it.

No More!

With the GROGco Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit Condom, both parties in the transaction can enjoy increased sensation up to their level of tolerance!

The dual control feeds electrodes on both the inside and outside of the condom. Need a little more clamping pressure from the ladies? Turn up the outside dial. Need a little more, uh, "enthusiasm" from the gentlemen? Turn up the inside dial. Painfully simple. The dials are clearly marked, with graduations that range from "Dead Meat" to "Pleasure Zone" to "Marquis De Sade."

Caution: Avoid overuse. Even though instances are rare, remember that Spontaneous Human Combustion initial ignition sources are poorly understood.

Grogster, May 31 2012

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Lots of options. [tatterdemalion, May 31 2012]

Zeus ElectroSex Penis Sheath http://www.youtube....watch?v=qREuuNUvk0A
Video. [tatterdemalion, May 31 2012]

Probably be wise to adapt it to one of these... Garter_20condoms
[normzone, May 31 2012]


       // Painfully simple//   

       There's a reason it says in the warning section of the instructions with a TENS machine not to use it on genitalia, I presume.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       you're an evil sadistic bastard. [+]
Voice, May 31 2012

       Too much information. In fact, any information whatsoever …
8th of 7, May 31 2012

       Turn it up to ELEVENs
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       TMI? Shirley, the Borg must have been briefed prior to their appearance on this planet about the complexities following a typical human debriefing ... <wanders off to consult Borg Owners Manual, a concise compendium composed mostly of withering treatises on cats>
Grogster, May 31 2012


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