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"This Side Up" Condom Packaging

with texture
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Maybe somebody's doing this, but condom packaging could really use a "This Side Up" label on one side of the package to dramatically reduce the amount of fumbling involved. I also thought of adding texturing to one side (making it ribbed would be appropriate) for those folks who might need a condom in low-light situations, but found that someone has a patent on that idea. Maybe just adding the words "This Side Up" in Braille will get around the patent.
pwo, Jun 07 2001

Baked, now http://www.news24.c...346_1251744,00.html
"able to feel the up or down side in the dark" Much more than that, this packaging even puts the thing on for you (but I can't quite picture how from the description). [DrCurry, Sep 07 2002]


       Braille is a great suggestion. Don't forget the multicultural appeal of the condom, so plan on spelling out the instructions in about 50 languages.
reensure, Jun 08 2001

       RT, I think that's what pwo had in mind ("up" in this case being what you're thinking of as "out"). But I could be mistaken.
bookworm, Jun 08 2001

       //If the user is that stupid...//   

       Not everyone has sex with the house lights on, Peter.   

       ...this is a perfectly reasonable idea...
iuvare, Jun 08 2001

       PeterS, I am a veteran condom user and in general I don't have much problem but every so often..... I will spare you the details but certainly I wouldn't consider myself stupid. As for putting them on orally, ' This bubble gum tastes like shite but man, what bubbles!'
Ivy, Jun 08 2001


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