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TENS Unit Suit

Record Common Tasks Then Repeat As Necessary
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This is a thin suit you put on that covers you from head to toe with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) electrodes. These electrodes are strategically placed to mimic and stimulate muscular locomotion. There is an unobtrusive control mechanism that, in record mode, will "learn" your most boring, repetitive, and dreary daily tasks. Then, every time you wish to do one of those tasks, simply switch to command mode. At the mere touch of the keypad or optional voice command, your body will leap into action without any extra effort on your part. Take out the trash. Go fetch a beer. Mow the lawn. Catch the bus going downtown. All of the mindless tasks you have performed thousands of times before will now seem effortless. (Not recommended for scuba diving, rainy days, brain surgery, or bull fighting.)
Grogster, Sep 08 2010

Inspired by a Thought That Occurred To Me While Reading [Ian Tindale]'s Invention Least_20Impressive_...otics_20Competition
It started with my anno... I just can't leave it alone... [Grogster, Sep 08 2010]

Sidero http://books.google...ero%20Wolfe&f=false
Parabaked [mouseposture, Sep 22 2010]

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       Love it... can we add a big-brother add on module that logs to a government database via wi-fi or 3g? Then, when the prosecution asks what you were doing on the night of the 25th between 10pm and 11.30pm, they can just replay the log and the whole court can see it happen!
jamobaker, Sep 08 2010

       It might be dicey adding wi-fi or 3g, [jamo]. What if someone hacks your suit and makes you do stupid pet tricks or has you rob a liquor store? Perhaps "The Suit Made Me Do It" would become an acceptable defense... or, more likely, not.
Grogster, Sep 09 2010

       Hm. I should have posted when i had this idea 6 months ago :)   

       Although mine was slightly different: take a military grade exoskeleton suit and program it to do repetetive tasks very quickly. For instance, if your gun runs out of ammo a sensor tells your suit, which then grabs a magazine and reloads the gun very quickly with no fumbling on your part.
DIYMatt, Sep 09 2010

       //take a military grade exoskeleton suit...//
But then why have the person in it?
This idea uses the person for the motive force; the suit just provides the control. The suit is therefore lighter and uses far less power (if you need more power, eat more lunch and hit the gym!).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 09 2010

       This would be useful for manic depressives. Program when up, autopilot when down. I'd like it to have a more centrally neurological interface as well, though, to enable basic thought processes to be supported as well as motor tasks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2010

       [+] Bun, of course, but wouldn't the energy for this activity still have to come from the user? I get that you wouldn't have to think about it...maybe that's the worst part, having to think about those dreary tasks.   

       ...which leads me to [MB]s comment about basic thought processes. This suit would free up your thought processes for things less dreary. But, if you free up those, what's left? Sleep? Sounds fine, I'm just asking.
Boomershine, Sep 21 2010

       //...I'd like it to have a more centrally neurological interface...//   

       Yikes, [MB], that seems fraught with peril... (if the technology even exists). Although that primitive lizard part of my brain would welcome the command and control, it may make for socially unacceptable behavior. Eat. Fight. Run. Sex. Sleep. Hey, wait a minute... that's pretty much where I am now. Nevermind.
Grogster, Sep 21 2010

       finally, an alternative to treating your depression!
WcW, Sep 21 2010

       Not only that but, when you've finally, finally run out of options and patience and are down to a choice between ECT and oblivion, only a small tweak would be needed (for either).
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2010

       Alrighty, then. I'll add a hood with some TENS electrodes at the temples, and an extra powerful set of electrodes at the chest for defibrillation. After you have finally cashed in your chips, so to speak, the TENS Unit Suit can reanimate your lifeless body for a "Night Of the Living Dead" zombie re-enactment experience. (For added zombie realism, the suit can have both of your arms out front and horizontal.) You won't be experiencing it, of course, because you will have slipped quietly into the Living-Impaired Demographic, but your neighbors will snap a few pictures worthy of any family photo album.
Grogster, Sep 22 2010

       Now we're talking!! Also, it would presumably be possible to have one's suit "trained" by someone else? I've always wanted to be able to dance. If it has to be post-mortem, so be it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2010


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