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TV Bath Tiles

Tiles that can project television - watch TV in the Shower
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[thanks to BenFrost for inspiration. ref: Celebrity Soap]

Bathroom tiles are an interesting material. Before applying the glaze layer to the tiles, embed a laptop-type display layer, fully enabling the tile to display images. This new display capability can be clustered together to form a large television, or can be arranged in a pattern throughout the wall surface to provide an ever-changing pattern of designs.

Depending upon the number of "video tiles" actually used, and the arrangement of the video tiles, there can be various uses:

1. Simple Light in the tub with various colors (rainbow ?). Can help you get up in the morning. 2. Television (when tiles are clustered) 3. Lots of Tiles: Simulate outdoor shower, variety of locations 4. Sure, there's the porn implications 5. Celebrity Soap 6. Coming soon: Imax-Shower. Full surround-style immersive immersion.

The glazing would provide thermal insulation for those who enjoy showers with extreme temperatures. (hot or cold)

mahatma, May 12 2003

Bathtub Television http://www.tiletv.com/
.. as referred to by [farty] .. [bpilot, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I wish this was my idea! (+)
silverstormer, May 12 2003

       Grab that shower head and play some kind of firefighter video game.
lurch, May 12 2003

       Nice. (+)   

       7. The image on each screen could be that of a regular ceramic bath tile.
beauxeault, May 12 2003

       So do I, bliss, and the exotic tile is what I had in mind. But it could also be just a plain old flat, single color (even an outdated color) tile image, for ironic effect.
beauxeault, May 12 2003

       Hundreds of pictures of eyeballs, to freak out your shy roommate.
krelnik, May 12 2003

       A picture of a shower curtain, with the shadow of a big knife wielding hand might be fun.
silverstormer, May 12 2003

       I'd like a "Life" game played out on my shower walls in full surround every morning.
my face your, May 12 2003

       Doesn't this already exist? The tiles are effectively and LCD television. If you put enough of them together you've got the same effect !   

       TILETV allows you to watch TV in your shower or bath. They come in 10, 15, 17 and 23 inch LCD units - all completely waterproof and with fully waterproof remote controls. also stereo/teletext/video connections.   

       ( if you don't beleive me try searching for tiletv on any search engine )
farty, Jan 09 2004

       yes, it's a great idea but it's baked. I solved this problem by installing a Sharp LCD TV on the opposite wall and speakers in the ceiling -- the shower door is transparent
theircompetitor, Jan 09 2004

       //the shower door is transparent//   

       Oh god, do you know what the word PRIVACY means?
croissantz, Aug 22 2004

       This is baked at a number of hotels I've stayed in - the one that comes to mind is The Chamberlain Hotel on The Minories in London (very nice place to stay if you're working in the city)
zen_tom, Aug 22 2004

       Reminds me of that 'toilet in the middle of the city' somewhere in Europe - the one with the one-way mirrored walls, that challenges you to be a reverse voyeur. If you had Sharp's 3D LCD, with the projection of the unit below (in multi-level dwellings), that'd be quite weird.
lcllam2, Aug 22 2004


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