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Shower Swing

Relax, and enjoy your shower.
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So there you are, you are tired and dirty from a long day of work, or play, and you come swaggering into the house. You want to just take a shower and go to bed. But, here is the problem, you are too tired to stand through a shower, and too tired to take the time for a bath. Solution? You need the new Shower Swing!! A sturdy swing that can support up to 300 pounds and is lined with satin to make it comfortable. You attach one mounting bracket to the ceiling of you shower. Then when the need, or the desire, arises, you just attach your swing. You then can adjust the height of the swing to exactly where you want it. No more getting sprayed in the face by the shower or not being able to reach everything you may need when you sit down. Be at the perfect level to get a relaxing, efficiently clean shower. The interior of the seat is made from waterproof, tearproof material that is then wrapped in the colored satin of your choice to make it smooth and stick free. The edges of the swing will be wrapped in a ribbed cotton to prevent slipping off the swing. And for you ladies, just think of how much easier shaving your legs in the shower will be when you can lounge back to get at any angle. Now in a variety of patterns and colors! Customize you bathroom with a new swing! Can be used outside of the shower as well. Up to four mounting brackets come with your new Shower Swing so that you can mount it in front of the mirror, or in you bedroom for a relaxing place to sit and read. It's versatile! It's New! It's just what you have been wanting! Buy One Today!
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

Shower Swing http://www.geocitie..._JC/halfbakeryideas
I would be something LIKE this. [babyhawk, Aug 20 2005]

New Improved Shower Swing http://www.piplers....lery%20and%20Safety
In order to get better shower coverage of your entire body, you need a swing designed more like this bosun's chair. This particular model has handy tool pockets that could be used to store your razor, shaving cream, loofah and back scrubber. It also comes with built in clips to make it easily removable for transport and relocation. [jurist, Aug 20 2005]


       Sure, why not.   

       One design note before you start building it; without those two side bars it'll collapse in to a Shower Sling.
half, Aug 20 2005

       hhmmmm.....maybe I will make them smaller then. I just thought there would be trouble moving around to get things, etc., with those long ones. But, you are right, support is good.
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       thanks for the link, [jurist]. But with that seat you would not have both hands free to clean. (with a lot less lounging as well.)
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       Or, you could take a bath?
TheBearMadeMeDoIt, Aug 21 2005

       ...or be swinging 'bove the dwain, just swinging 'bove the dwain...   

       I like this idea for a different reason than specified (too tired to take a shower but you're going to get this out of the closet and mount it on the ceiling?) I like it because it sounds fun.
Worldgineer, Aug 21 2005

       I don't know, it all sounds quite kinky to me.
pooduck, Aug 21 2005

       Ok, I like this, bun and I'd buy one. But actually what I want is... don't laugh... a lay down shower. It would be like when they are cleaning the bodies on CSI? With the little spray nozzle and the table with the drains? But I would need some way of moving the spray head when it is down by my feet... Or Marg could come over and wash me...   

       I shouldn't post this.. it's just too wierd.
James Newton, Aug 21 2005

       "Evil genius looking for sturdy shower swing for private bathtub piranha/acid/tiny-shark tank. Must support 350 pound nemesis, and come in egg-shell white.”
sleeka, Aug 21 2005

       I want one now - can't be arsed with all that standing up.
wagster, Aug 21 2005

       Sounds cool, just need some holes at the bottom so the water doesn't fill the swing and bring down the ceiling on 'ya.
goober, Aug 21 2005

       //I like it because it sounds fun// I know, once I started really thinking about it, I told my husband that I wanted one. But unfortunately, I don't have a shower. I just have a bathtub. Although it would probably still work. ;)   

       //I don't know, it all sounds quite kinky to me// That is exactly what Mr babyhawk said when he read it! ;) And he liked the idea too. :)   

       [goober] that is a good idea. We can put little holes where the seat curves. But leave them small enough or far enough apart so that it is still comfy. :)
babyhawk, Aug 22 2005

       I like swings!! This would make a very nice alternative method of bathing oneself. If you had the shower head pointing in one steady direction- usually directly ontop of your head, you could use the swinging motion as a momentary breather from the shower. So for example, when you're washing the shampoo from your hair, and need a few moments of breathing time before delving into the water again, just swing back and foward! Yep, i like it [+] i usually walk around my shower space whilst having a shower
chocolateraindrops, Aug 22 2005

       I'm trying to imagine an optimized design for this, rather than just an add-on to a standard shower. What's more fun than swinging through a shower stream? Swinging through a waterfall. I'm picturing a tub-shaped box (maybe a bit longer), with a swing mounted in the middle. Between the mounting points at the ceiling is a horizontal slot opening for water.
Worldgineer, Aug 22 2005

       wow, I am glad that everyone likes this idea. [worldigneer] you can get a whole bunch of different kind of shower nozzles and hook ups. One of them is a waterfall shower attachment. it is made to mount up against a wall, or close to it. This swing could be a customized shower experiance once you put all the funky different shower nozzles and such with it. I can see it now, you have two attachments that make an arch around you vertically as well as your shower head, so you can easily move into a possition where every part of your body is being sprayed with water. The more I talk about this the more I want to try and Bake it, just for my own fun! :)
babyhawk, Aug 23 2005

       //it is made to mount up against a wall, or close to it// That could be a problem. Maybe some sort of wall mounted trampoline?
Worldgineer, Aug 23 2005

       Keeping it clean (mildew etc. on all that surface area) would be a pain.... But who's going to care as it's just a halfbaked fantasy anyway.
sophocles, Aug 24 2005


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