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TV Microdosing

Break up episodes of streaming shows into ±10 minute segments for viewing throughout the day
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One thing I've noticed as an adult is that it can be difficult to find a whole 45-60 minute block in a day to watch a TV show. So as a result, I watch pieces of shows on the various streaming platforms I'm subscribed to throughout the day, pausing and resuming frequently. I know I can't be the only one who does this! The problem is, the apps and websites many streaming shows run on aren't really well suited for this kind of viewing habit. You run into all sorts of problems with loading, or the show just randomly starts over on resuming, and you have to painstakingly try and use the scroll bar or fast forward function in a sometimes futile attempt to get back to where you left off.

So it occurred to me today, how cool would it be if you could have new episodes of your shows sent to you throughout the day in microepisodic form? Ideally the segments would be expertly curated so they end at naturally suitable pausable moments, not interrupting key scenes or dialog. 5-6 times a day, you'd get the next ±10 minute segment pushed to your preferred device, which you can watch and take in during normal breaks throughout your busy day?

21 Quest, Jul 16 2023


       On one hand it is definitely an idea. On the other hand it would encourage extra extra advertising. [-]
Voice, Jul 16 2023

       It would make advertisements more palatable I think, but when I thought of this idea I was thinking more along the lines of paid streaming services that are ad free.
21 Quest, Jul 16 2023

       I think the idea is great for the consumer, which means it will likely never be adopted. A plus nonetheless.   

       One issue, perhaps, is that this will disrupt their metrics for engagement. They want to know what kinds of shows are truly pulling people in. If this is allowed and it takes off, the stats for "watched entire season, episode, binged, etc." will likely be decimated.
daseva, Jul 17 2023

       I think it would give them much more accurate metrics along exactly those lines. If someone actually downloads and watches 6 separate segments of an episode, you can tell they were much more engaged with the show, more "drawn in" so to speak, because currently you don't actually know if anyone even actually watched an episode or if they fell asleep or got otherwise distracted and just left it playing in the background.
21 Quest, Jul 17 2023

       //Break up episodes of streaming shows into ±10 minute segments//   

       Ad-supported TV already does this, and it's unwatchable.
bs0u0155, Jul 17 2023

       It's unwatchable if you're trying to sit there and watch it all in one go. This is for more casual viewers.
21 Quest, Jul 18 2023


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