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TV Show about TV

Miss Seinfield.....
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I miss Seinfeld, and would like anther show about nothing. So I will create one and talk about all the useless crap I see on the Internet (this site excluded of course) and on TV. It will be a TV show about the crap on TV. There will be a hot chick and a dumb jock in it, that will probably make out once an episode. But basically I will be bitching about the crap on TV and the internet. Nobody will be immune. I will make fun of SNL when they suck (which is often), Dan Rather and his "I'm more important than you peons" voice along with all the talking heads that think they give us news and are really just spewing written text some other peon wrote from notes another peon looked up and made important sounding, and all the drudge on what used to be a good source for unaltered news and information, which we call the net. And I would get paid a lot of money to do this, and would get as much Mt. Dew and pretzels as I can down. And I wouldn't make fun of whatever network aired it. Much. Probably Bravo, they seem to have a lot of money these days.

And it will be funny, because I will hire all the writers from Seinfeld, except Seinfeld because I probably couldn’t afford him. So I guess it is a show about something, but I still like the idea. Kind of a 'week in review' show about the crap on TV. Oh, and I will praise the good stuff when I find it.

azmatsci, Jan 20 2004

Harry Hill's TV Burp http://www.transdif...ops/20021119lr2.htm
(This link probably won't make much sense unless you're familiar with British TV.) [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]

In Bed With Medinner http://www.bbc.co.u...dinne_7773815.shtml
[kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       Sorta baked for one genre of show: "Talk Soup" on the US cable channel E! would make fun of all those goofy talk shows like Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones.
krelnik, Jan 20 2004

       Baked: Harry Hill's TV Burp in the UK. Basically it consists of the popular high-collared comedian sitting behind a desk and making jokes about the previous week's TV shows with the occasional sketch and song in.   

       Also formerly broadcast in this fine nation, Bob Mills's In Bed with Medinner had a similar format, with Mills making random jokes about crap with particular attention to television.
kropotkin, Jan 20 2004


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