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Your Large Building as a Television

Convert your large building into a tv
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Windows/lights have been used on buildings before, but only to create static images, like letter forms, but "Your Large Building as a Television" allows your building to create full colour moving images, and by doing so become a defacto tv.

Only some buildings with the following attributes are suitable for conversion: they must have a large number of individual rooms all facing outwards, and a substantial exterior surface area.

The process of conversion is fairly straight forward, and only involves the installation of three extra bright primary coloured bulbs in each room, these being connected to a central processor, so that each apartment becomes an individual pixel.

All of these are then connected to a processor, so that rapidly moving images in full colour are created when the building is viewed from a sufficient distance.

xenzag, Oct 25 2006

A puny version in monchrome http://www.adobe.co...nktank/livingskins/
small scale building.... scroll down to figure 4 to see what I have in mind, then think of these pixel bulbs as the windows on a large building. [xenzag, Oct 25 2006]

Liberty Hall Dublin http://www.youtube....BPo&feature=related
another idea becomes reality [xenzag, Oct 17 2009]

More Info http://playhouse.daft.ie/
[xenzag, Oct 17 2009]


       //when the building is viewed from a sufficient distance.//   

       Far away enough to render the building in perspective to the size of, say, a 15" television 2 metres away?   

       Who gets to hold the remote?
theleopard, Oct 25 2006

       This is exactly the effect I wanted to achieve. It seems to have been done in Dublin with external panels fitted to each window. See link.
xenzag, Oct 17 2009


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