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TV for Windows CE

TV tuners for Windows ce devices would be awsome.
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I have a Philips Nino and an expansion card that had a tv / fm tuner on it would be the ultimate addition. The atenna would be on the card. all the video capture would happen on the expansion card, so as not to kill the processor for the device. It would be like having a Sony watch man, but one that also manages spreadsheets, email and internet, everything windows ce does already. Someoned has to build one, I'll buy it.
ecolonsmak, Nov 15 1999

(?) EOps TV CompactFlash Card http://www.expansys...code=EOPS_TV_CFCARD
CF only, but it seems to fit the bill [Extreme Tomato, Mar 28 2005]

Snapstream http://www.snapstream.com/
[joelyen]'s anno as a link. [reensure, Mar 28 2005]

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       Not exactly the same, but you could try http://www.snapstream.com/   

       They let you view recorded TV show on wince. I don't think your Nino will be supported though....
joelyen, Mar 05 2001

       I think that [Extreme Tomato]'s link makes this fairly baked. If not, it's a good enough idea that it will be baked soon.
wagster, Mar 28 2005


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