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TV to Toons

a tv that can automatically convert television programs into a "cartoon" version
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To keep young kids occupied and keep their parents happy.

Seems that kids won't watch ANYTHING but cartoons. Come Sunday, it's nearly impossible for my friends (now fathers) to watch football games. If only they could flip a switch and watch the same football game, only the images change so that it appears it's being played by a bunch of brightly colored cartoony characters -- with commentators who sound like they've ingested an obscene amount of helium -- and a light "bouncy" music track playing in the background all the while...

can't be that hard, can it?

JT, Oct 16 2000

Television Themes http://www.halfbake...Television_20Themes
Shameless self-promotion [phoenix, Oct 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This sounds like fun. I'd be a little concerned, though about turning "The Jerry Springer Show" and its ilk into cartoons.
beauxeault, Oct 17 2000

       Oh, wait. They already ARE cartoons. Never mind.
beauxeault, Oct 17 2000

       Isn't that what the color and tint knobs are for, especially on older sets where they have an enormous adjustment range?
supercat, Oct 21 2000

       If you've ever seen the tiny window where the signer is going through hand motions as a soundtrack for the deaf you might agree this area of the screen could be used to play zany kid stuff no matter what's on the big screen. Punch and Judy slapstick, Fleer comic outtakes, the funnies, lambchop jokes, famous animated commercials .. kid fun.
reensure, Oct 21 2000

       When/if TVs and PCs produce hellish hybrid offspring, we may yet be able to morph the faces in commercials and political debates (a la the Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" video). Then, when something shows up on my screen, it's *mine* <evil grin>...
whatsbruin, Sep 07 2001


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