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Wrap Around Aquarium

Aquarium that extends around the entire room.
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An aquarium that is built on a shelf at eye level which extends around the entire room. The height and depth of the aquarium are the same as a standard 25 gallon but the length covers the room. The aquarium wraps around the entire room and the only break is for the entrance. The shelf is designed to hold the massive weight and a sophisticated system of filters, pumps and heaters maintain the ecosystem perfectly. The ecosystem will adjust to this environment and certain fish will dominate certain locations of the room/tank. The aquarium allows the fish to swim the entire length around the room at will. They are free to explore the different areas of the tank which leads them through coral reefs, rock formations, various plant life and areas of open water. At night, the aquarium is lighted by a series of computer automated, color changing lights. The water radiates brilliant blues, greens and yellows. Sections of the aquarium are lighted with black light to allow for full appreciation of the florescent species of fish. This would be great for a restaurant, club or the super rich.
frankwhite, Apr 22 2004

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       Make it a marine aquarium and I'll take one. Except that it has to be floor to ceiling, bar where doors are positioned
Zanzibar, Apr 22 2004

       I seem to remember the Monterey Bay Aquarium does this, with a huge school of fish swimming round and round a big circular room.
hippo, Apr 22 2004

       Get rid of the stoopid lights at night (and remember the fish need a night period too) and I'll bun it. Especially since you're gonna need someone enthusiastic to maintain it <waves hand...oo, ooo, Sir, me, Sir, ME>   

       They don't need prettying up anymore anyway (if you're serious about fluorescent fish, they're gonna be angler fish or some other pig-ugly, though interesting, deep sea thing that creates bioluminescence and won't survive in a home fish tank so it can't be them, so maybe you mean those GM Glo-fish zebra danios, in which case I'll chop your legs off).   

       It would be easier to clean than most of the window, wall, room or house-size tanks that have been suggested on the HB, though.   

       [Zanzibar] There is a good reason why almost all floor-to-ceiling tanks are in public aquaria. V. hard to clean and maintain unless you chuck in a diver with a hoover and an algae scraper. A bit impractical for the average home .
squeak, Apr 22 2004

       //The aquarium wraps around the entire room and the only break is for the entrance.//   

       if you include breaks for windows aswell, you have yourself a bun.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 22 2004

       I always thought it would be fun to have a clear tub aquarium so that fish are swimming around you while you take a bath. A flat ceiling aquarium would also be cool.
simple123, Apr 22 2004

       I've been in a restaurant or shop (can't remember which) which had a wrap-around aquarium. It didn't go all the way around the room, but it went round alcoves and things. Very attractive and a lot of fun.   

       It might even have been Barney's Madison Avenue.
DrCurry, Apr 22 2004

       Sea World in Orlando has a Shark Experience with an aquarium you can walk through and a restaurant on one side of it so you can have your lunch whilst sharks and other creatures swim by. The "glass" is about 6" thick.
lintkeeper2, Apr 23 2004

       An aquariam helmet, that wraped about the head would be neat. Like deep sea diving, without all that getting wet stuff, and all.
winsome, Apr 23 2004

       I have alway dreamed of a house built around a giant torus shape aquarium with a bar in the middle that would have a 360 degree view of the fish. Different rooms around the outside ring of the tank would each have an arc section of the aquarium along one wall. I love fish, but believe it is cruel to put them in a box where they can't swim great lengths without turning. This sounds just like my fantasy home design and gets my vote.
Cube, Feb 03 2006

       I used to think about this a lot when I had fish. I'd love to build one someday!   

       I am against the night time colored backlighting, though - I'd go for a more natural look.   

       Also, in the version in my head, the tank goes up and over windows and doors. Not sure how you'd easily clean that, though...
paix120, Feb 19 2009


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