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Tail Puppets

Put Fido in a race against his arse... with a tail puppet.
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A small, light puppet that can be tied to the end of your dog or cat's tail(unless it has only a wee stub), that vibrates and makes noises to get the animal interested.

Once it begins vibrating and emitting tempting noises it will only stop once it is squeezed(by the cat or dog's jaws). Of course, the dog will have to catch it first... that's when the age-old game of the canine/feline arse-race begins.

The puppet can be secured to the tail by simply fastening it there with string or a clip of some sort. It can be designed to appear like a small animal, a ball, or even the end of a dog's tail!

ImBack, Dec 16 2002


       Sure. The cat model can be made to look like a mouse, with simulated mouse squeaks. Or how 'bout a mitten or sock.
ImBack, Dec 16 2002

       (I'm responding to THCGENIUS's comment, which I accidentally erased) Zap the dog with a laser?
ImBack, Dec 16 2002

       Tell your pooch not to feel left out. One of the models is in the form of a dog's tail. In fact, because he has never has a tail sneek up on him before this would work better.
ImBack, Dec 17 2002

       Most pets I have known would immediately try to remove any foreign object attached to their tail or elsewhere, so I'm dubious of how long the fun would last. Still it's a fun idea.
krelnik, Dec 17 2002

       The point is that the animal will try to remove it... hehe, look at 'em go!
ImBack, Dec 17 2002

       Yes, and in my experience they will succeed in less than 10 seconds. Hardly worth the trouble, I think.
krelnik, Dec 17 2002

       point taken.
ImBack, Dec 17 2002

       It would be fun for those households with dog(s) and cat(s). Stealthily attach mouse puppet to dog's tail.
rowlycat, Dec 22 2002

       Extra fun if you have multiple pets.
madradish, Dec 22 2002

       what if the cat/dog was scared of the puppet and tried to run away from it?
tomarse, Jul 03 2004


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