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A web cam with a remotely controlled robotic arm that moves a laser pointer around
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A new form of "telepresence" to unite people with their beloved pets while they are away at work (and squander lots of corporate resources in the process). Use an X10 video cam and a remote controlled laser pointer to allow people to entertain their cats over the Internet.
muppetboy, Dec 05 2002


       I really like this, idea, title, all of it. +
bristolz, Dec 05 2002

       Good question - perhaps hacking into someone else's telePounce and blinding *their* dog?
hippo, Dec 06 2002

       Now, this gives me an idea ......
8th of 7, Dec 06 2002

       Could you use it to get dogs and cats to leap off very high balconies? And what about my blind cave fish, eh?
horripilation, Dec 06 2002

       I would like an indoor remotely guided robot with audio link (and tennis ball launcher) so that I could play with my dog while I'm at work.   

       And I'd like an outdoor version with a laser so that when a cat came into my garden I could <SKRRRK>   


       You would be able to talk to the dog, refill its food and water bowls, etc.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2002

       Cute idea. The name made me think this was some sort of chatroom emote enhancement, though.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 06 2002

       [8th], why keep a dog and fry cats yourself?
egbert, Dec 07 2002

       do it, they could do with some exercise. fat great lumps - thats the cats [forni] not you!
po, Dec 07 2002

       That would have been "ponce" [Pharaoh Mobius]
bristolz, Dec 07 2002

       Doesn't take much to beef up the lazer and turn this into a security device. Just don't like the idea at all. Better to have voice so you can interact. If you want to entertain the cat, get a second cat. You could always buy a lazer pointer and just mount it to an overhead fan.
InsanityKlaus, Sep 19 2003

       Laser going round on the fan, cat all dizzy and vomiting on the carpet?
kbecker, Sep 19 2003

       That makes two of us...
DeathNinja, Sep 19 2003


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