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Squirrel circus

Make the little bastards work for the birdseed they steal.
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It’s well known that squirrels will breach a series of progressively harder obstacle course barriers in order to steal from birdfeeders. Pet shops could sell a kit of little plastic circus style stunt props, high wire, trampoline, human cannonball etc, that squirrels would have to learn to breach, one at a time before they can raid the birdseed at the end. When they figure out one trick, you add the next one, till after several months, you could watch as amazingly well practiced stunt squirrels ride the little high-wire bike, swing on the trapeze, shoot out of a cannon, bounce off a trampoline etc. on their way to their morning bird seed stealing. While drinking your coffee in the morning you could look out your window as squirrels fly, swing, spin, pedal and bounce around while secretly hoping the little shits don’t make it.
doctorremulac3, May 14 2005

This is more what I pictured http://www.scarysqu...ggy2/twiggypool.jpg
[doctorremulac3, May 22 2005]


JesusHChrist, May 14 2005

       Eventually, they will figure out how to pick locks and bypass alarm systems on the way to your refrigerator.
Shz, May 14 2005

       Have you stopped to think that *this* is exactly what the squirrels have been after all along?
Soterios, May 14 2005

       baked with dent's link but perhaps not widely known outside the UK.
po, May 14 2005

       Aww, that would be so cute! Probably would be considered animal cruelty, but cute nonethless.
hobbitcoat, May 14 2005

       Hilarious images in my head, imagining that the little buggers get shot out of a cannon, into a wall, where they consequently break their little necks and their lifeless little corpses land into the compost heap.   

       Take THAT, illegal little stowaways, the red squirrel is prettier!
froglet, May 15 2005

       //not widely known outside the UK//   

       It has been shown here, in the U.S., many times. Watch PBS and it is shown almost annually.   

       A great idea [+] but baked [-]. Neutral
Klaatu, May 22 2005

       //the red squirrel is prettier//   

       But, the gray squirrel is SO much tastier...
Boomershine, Sep 20 2010


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