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A touring company that performs hit West End and Broadway musicals, word for word, but spoken, rather than sung.

You could probably get two shows in in a night and clear up.

calum, Nov 07 2004

Cop Rock http://www.imdb.com...0098772/plotsummary
sounds horrible [calum, Nov 08 2004]


       Oddly, I agree with this concept, when Nemo came out I was greatly relieved there was little singing.   

       Some of the old musicals would be terrific stories without the dance numbers. like "The King and I", "South Pacific". but the 50's and 60's musicals were made to showcase a talent, rather than a story, all of Elvis's movies for example.   

       In "Grease" I would miss the music, because it had so much character of the times. My kids hate musicals of any sort. period
dentworth, Nov 07 2004

       So your idea is plays?
harderthanjesus, Nov 08 2004

       My idea is for a kind of play, one hamstrung by trite dialogue and stultifyingly simplistic plot lines which would require either radical restaging or a Herculean effort from the players to bring some sort of credence/verisimilitude to proceedings.   

       [Brau], I envisaged that the play would be performed in a naturalistic, possibly downbeat style, without any of the dreadful music, rather than speaking in time over the accompaniment.
calum, Nov 08 2004

       so what musical were you dragged to this week [calum] ?
dentworth, Nov 08 2004

       Miss Saigon. Emotional pornography of the most brazen variety. Significant Other got through a box of tissues and came out with eyes swollen wet and red, having enjoyed herself immensely.   

       Still, now I've got my rant off my chest, this may well disappear.
calum, Nov 08 2004

       I read this as Talksticles, which scared me.   

       The opposite of this idea is intriguingly frightening as well. Take a perfectly repectable play, but sing all of the words.
Worldgineer, Nov 08 2004

       which was baked by Steven Boncho in that cop show?
theircompetitor, Nov 08 2004

       Had to look that one up. It's Steven Bochco, and the show in 1990 was called "Cop Rock". The comment in IMDb was: "Embarrassing to the point of blackballing." Heh - I'm not really surprised by that.   

       But then a show like that would be different in that the words were likely written to rhyme or at least have some semblance of cadance. Turning the text of a play into a musical without changing the words would not even have this going for it.
Worldgineer, Nov 08 2004

       So, [BrauBeaton], if you're worried about musicals about rappers becoming Rapsicles, surely you've considered what would happen if talksicals were made about pop stars.....Popsicles.
normzone, Nov 08 2004


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