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Tangram Cafe

Food for the Brain
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And I don't mean fish, beta-7 fatty acids or not.

After being escorted to their booth-like enclosure, patrons are presented with several small tablets (table-ettes, to be awkward) whose legs are on rollers, and are given a frame.
The patrons are then challenged to 'solve' the puzzle of piecing together the table and fit the frame around it, to hold it in place. The wheels are then locked (like those on a buggy or baby carriage).
Perhaps first-time visitors might recieve a discount for a speedy solution.

EDIT: A frame secured to the legs as [yama] suggests seems far more appropriate.

motive power, Aug 11 2003

Design Sketches http://www.geocitie...fl/tangramcafe.html
A few seating arrangements. [motive power, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hmm. This is a great idea. + Much better than the peg board game at the Cracker Barrel. My mother would love this. The rest of us wouldn't be able to order for the first half hour.   

       Only one criticism: too many legs!
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       I thought as much. Well, I _could_ put legs only on the 'corner' pieces, but I keep trying to think of a way of having the legs stuck to the floor but while keeping the (completed) table secure, too.
motive power, Aug 11 2003

       Dire anatangram table woe is me = 'I need a margarita now', me bleats
n-pearson, Aug 11 2003

       Also needs to have tangram-shaped/sliced foods. TanPie, anyone?
BinaryCookies, Aug 11 2003

       If you need the frame, do you need so many legs?   

       alternatively, if you have all those legs, would you need a frame?
yamahito, Aug 11 2003

       What? No hug for me and n-pearson? <cries all over the funny table>
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       <delirium tremens under funny table>
n-pearson, Aug 11 2003

       *blink blink*   

k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       Hm. Read this as Tantrum Cafe.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2003

       Has this already hit its peak?
And Bliss, I've been working overtime here the past few days! Very good to see you, all the same.
motive power, Aug 11 2003

       I like - the picture makes much more sense. (+).
neilp, Dec 21 2004


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