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Tap Dancing Pad

tap dance even when you can't tap dance
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Tap Dancing Pad is a square pad that you roll out on the floor and tap dance on. Its companion device emits the sound of perfect tap dancing, timed to co-ordinate with the cadence and movements of your feet.

This means that even if your feet are untrained and chaotic, the combination of the two items delivers the sound of Fred Astaire dancing like a demon. When you slow down, it slows down and when you speed up, it speeds up.

Settings on the speaker component enables the owner to adjust the quality of the output re echo, bass, volume and surfaces etc. This means you can sound like you are dancing on the deck of a ship; a concrete pavement; or on the stage of Carnegie Hall. Even if you only have one leg, you can still hop around on the Tap Dancing Pad and enjoy an exercise session of total entertainment fantasy.

Fully water proofed, so you can be Gene Kelly any time it rains.

xenzag, Sep 07 2021


       The sound is generated by the companion device. It's not an amplifier. It simply matches your movements with continuous tap dancing sound. It's a bit like lip synch in foreign language films. It works even when it's far from being an exact fit. I leave all of the technology to the geeks who like playing with wires.
xenzag, Sep 07 2021

       //I leave all of the technology//   

       Ah-hah, your secret is out [xen]!   

       You're a project manager on major national infrastructure projects, aren't you!   

       Nice idea though [+]
Frankx, Sep 07 2021

       + I always wished I could tap dance! This will at least sound like I can.
xandram, Sep 09 2021

       ps…there was no bun from Frank
xandram, Sep 09 2021

       Surely there could be some subtle haptic feedback kind of thing, so that if you twitched and thrashed your limbs at the wrong time the pad could vibrate or give you an electric shock or something. After a while your nervous system would habituate to tap dancing in time to the music.
pocmloc, Sep 09 2021

       I love this xenzag, and I love tap dancing. Not me mind you, but others. Wait, I just saw that xandram is a wannabe tapper. Heck, give us a couple of your pads and we could be in the next Halfbaked Talent Show.
blissmiss, Sep 09 2021

       The Sand Dance is my fav (Wilson and Keppel and Betty) It's worth looking up. I once posted an idea about it as an aid to bedding down roofing felt.
xenzag, Sep 09 2021

       oops. Now bunned!
Frankx, Sep 10 2021


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