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Swing Dancing

Take ballroom dancing to a third dimension
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Much like the swings at a carnival ride only they are designed to hold you and your partner in a standing position. You will have the standard braces and support for a Stand Up Roller Coaster. The place where you and your partner meet hands is where the controls are for hight and spin. Both partners need to press the buttons in order for them to reach their maximum effect in spin and hight difference. The finished movement would be a suspended version of the Disney Tea Cups ride.
sartep, Sep 12 2003


po, Sep 12 2003

       Actually, the finished movement would be a suspended version of the Playboy Mansion Teacups ride.
thumbwax, Sep 12 2003

       Sorry, le'me make my concept more clear. The couple are in a position where they put their hands together. They put their hands together in a fiberglass cuff that encase internal controls and a bar to hold on to.
sartep, Sep 12 2003

       I'm slightly confused, but I like it. +
k_sra, Sep 16 2003

       I find it hard enough to push the right buttons when we're on the ground, let alone on a swing. Still sounds like fun, and give swinging with your partner a whole new meaning...if it didn't have one already. Still croissant for most (unitntentional) amusing post of the day.
goff, Sep 16 2003


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