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Squeak Dancing

Like tap dancing, but squeaky.
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Instead of having shoes with metal to tap loudly, they could have rubber (or something else, I have not experimented much) which would squeak loudly when rubbed against the smooth wooden surface. Otherwise this would be much the same as tap dancing.

The rubber would probably have to be tuned to certain notes if this was to go with music, and it would need to be replaced regularly due to wearing-down.

No more 'tappa-tappa', instead 'squeaka-eeka'.

dbmag9, Jan 08 2006

Queeka Feet http://www.tomdukic...songs%20queeka.html
That Window-Sqeeking sound you hear on some latin american music [Dub, Jan 08 2006]

Interactive Music for Instrumented Dancing Shoes http://gn.www.media...99_10_ICMC_Shoe.pdf
[half, Jan 12 2006]


       I have trouble with this, I think that someone with a rubber tip to their shoe will fall over frequently during this exercise...
po, Jan 08 2006

       The center on our high-school basketball team was a tall, thin, thoroughly uncoordinated chap. Our coach tried hard, but unsuccessfully, to get him enrolled in ballet, to teach him some balance and grace.   

       This idea is precisely the mental image I have always had of the "if only..."   

lurch, Jan 08 2006

       Thanks lurch for the bun (it was delicious) and for bringing a smile to my (exeedingly tired) morning.
dbmag9, Jan 09 2006

       Action squeaks louder than words.
reensure, Jan 11 2006

       One shoe . .



squeak, Jan 12 2006


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