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Tar Pits Franchise

History Is What You Make It
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To say the La Brea Tar Pits are a popular world wide attraction is an understatement. Every year, tens of people come to California to stare into the pits and purchase hats and tee shirts with clever and smarmy art work on them. The Tar Pits are a handy look back at the wildlife that existed back 40,000 years.

What will archaeologists make of our culture in another 50,000 years?

You can help answer that question by purchasing a GROGco Tar Pit franchise! You can put whatever cultural memento you please into your Tar Pit! Seasick Steve CD's, dearly departed uncle Frank, neighborhood cats; you can even make yours a Theme Pit featuring Elvis Impersonators!

All you need to do is find a suitably large hole in the ground capable of holding 1,000,000,000 gallons of boiling tar. Once that is secured, we will send tanker trucks full of boiling tar to your location and begin filling the hole. We even supply colorful brochures you can pass around to your local authorities to grease the regulatory and zoning skids.

Once you have your Tar Pit up and running, the sky is the limit! You will have an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that you are providing a valuable service to archaeologists and anthropologists 50,000 years from now.

Not sold in stores.

Grogster, Jul 07 2013

Why not? http://www.youtube....watch?v=pNoPNC3ebYQ
[Grogster, Jul 07 2013]


       Steve will do better in a salt mine. The La Brea Salt Pits?
popbottle, Jul 07 2013

       Can I have molten lead instead of tar in my pit? [+]
xenzag, Jul 08 2013

       Of course! And if you order today, we will throw in a free toaster... Er... <ahem> did I mention we'll be needing that franchise fee up front? <quietly checking flights to Tralfamador>
Grogster, Jul 08 2013

       //we'll throw in a free toaster// hey!
FlyingToaster, Jul 08 2013

       //...throw in a free toaster...//   

       Into the pit, of course.
Grogster, Jul 08 2013

       [+] I'm all for ideas like this. In fact, for the past 25 years I've thrown seashells onto my property which is high up on hill. I'm sure in the future they will realize that there was once an ocean there!
xandram, Jul 09 2013

       Buried all my dogs and cats there! (They were good swimmers.)
[bigsleep] You never get my sarcasm.
xandram, Jul 10 2013


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