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The Cherry Bowl

"It's the pits!"
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Have the worst teams square off for the Futility Championship. Imagine the Cincinnati Bengals squaring off against the Detroit Lions? Or the Detroit Tigers going up against the San Diego Padres? How about the L.A. Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies?
muzer, Oct 09 2003


       You could sell the TV rights and show the worst commercials!
grahamhgreen, Oct 09 2003

       Or simply follow the European system, where teams at the bottom of a league are demoted to the next league down.
DrCurry, Oct 09 2003

       "The Toilet Bowl"
half, Oct 09 2003

       [half], once again, gets there just before me...curses, scooped again by that wascally scoundrel.
n-pearson, Oct 09 2003

       [half], I believe the most commonly-used name for this is the "Pooper Bowl." It's funny cause pooper rhymes with super.
cocktaillouie, Mar 12 2004

       We could have one in college football too. Duke v. Utah State?
nobody, Dec 03 2006


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