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Tea on Tap

Fresh tea available all round your house
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Simple place tea bags in your hot water boiler, and receive glorious hot tea all round the house, at the turn of a tap.

The problem of the tea bags remaining in the boiler for too long, would be alleviated by a conveyor belt mechanism lifting them slowly out of the water and into a waiting bin.

Possible downsides: * You may need to shower in tea (although this depends on your shower model) * You're restricted to one brand of tea for everyone

robinw77, Aug 10 2005


       And I presume that milk comes outa the cold tap and sugar comes in "one sump or two"
skinflaps, Aug 10 2005

       My tap water already comes out brown...
DrCurry, Aug 10 2005

       That'll be that pigeon you forgot about Doc.
skinflaps, Aug 10 2005

       Well the pigeons could probably power the conveyor belt mechanism .
robinw77, Aug 10 2005

       if this came in an Ice tea model my husband would buy one. Just sit the tea in the fridge and refill his glass all over the house. [+] for you
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       Nice to see you back, [babyhawk].
jurist, Aug 10 2005

       thanks [jurist] I missed whiling away the hours, upon hours, upon hours here. :) But once I get back in my groove, I may try posting my own ideas......mmwwhahahahaha. :)
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       Hey you two, do you fancy a nice hot cuppa while you catch up on old times? Well, just turn that tap!
robinw77, Aug 11 2005

       It's quite achievable, but needlessly complicated - therefore, croissant!
friendlyfire, Aug 11 2005

       I'd like to bun this, but you're obviously quite mad - no serious tea lover would use bags. Unless you amend the idea for leaf tea and an in-line strainer, it is a smelly infusion of fishbone for you.
coprocephalous, Aug 11 2005

       [robinw77] thanks! I know that saying this may award me many enemies, but...[cough] idon'tliketea [cough]. I will drink mint tea occasionally....but that is it, sorry. I still love you guys anyhoo. :)
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       I don't at all care for hot tea, but I do like iced tea, but I don't like cold showers. I guess that's a "no" from me.
half, Aug 11 2005

       i like tea, but as coprocephalous said, the best tea is open tea leaves- i like early grey
chocolateraindrops, Aug 11 2005

       Ridiculous - (+). Which tea is good for your skin?
normzone, Aug 11 2005

       I like mint tea bags and coffee from a french press. So chalk me up to weird.
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       You'll also have to wash your face in tea, shave in tea, bath in tea and wash your dishes in tea, so before long you and everything else is going to look like tea.
mecotterill, Apr 05 2009


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