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Symmetric Teapot

“Here are my handles, here are my spouts”
  [vote for,

A teapot with a spout built into the handle and a handle built onto the spout can be poured in either direction. Great for a southpaw with a right-handed neighbor or two southpaws across from each other or...

The unique, balanced pots have hygienic, hinged spout lids and extra thick spout-handles for strength and coolness. Click on rough sketch below.

FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2004

lethal cozies http://www.findarti...17/p1/article.jhtml
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) more odd pots http://www.jnd.org/...ion-and-design.html
Donald O. Norman design critic. [DadManWalking, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Tank teapot http://www.abitofbritain.com/tanksa.htm
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sorta baked http://www.alessi.c...talogo=1087&old=145
Just saw it in the Design Museum [skinflaps, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

rough sketch http://www.geocitie...mmetricteapot.html?
[FarmerJohn, Jan 04 2005]


       given time, you could probably solve all the world's major problems...
po, Jan 28 2004

       ... first one solved.
"Q : How can you have a cup of tea and a fight at the same time"

"A : FarmerJohnnie's Symmetrical Teapot".
jonthegeologist, Jan 28 2004

       If I vote it up will you make me one?
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

skinflaps, Jan 28 2004

       I'll make you a pot...of tea.
FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2004

       Really? What do you have?
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       milk, no sugar, thanks.
skinflaps, Jan 28 2004

       Uh, only Gunpowder, Spider Leg and Black Dragon.
FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2004

       Mix a little of each. I take a lump and a squeeze. Pour mine from the left, please...
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       I fail to see the point.
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 28 2004

       It's the beauty you're after not the point.
silverstormer, Jan 28 2004

       it can be very dangerous turning a hot teapot around, tsk.   

       several people die each year due to teacozies, just think what teapots do!
po, Jan 28 2004

       [po] If government safety guidelines are anything to go by, we'll soon have to have some sort of certification to get dressed in a morning. Nice link btw.
silverstormer, Jan 28 2004

       guidelines to protect us from government?
po, Jan 28 2004

       Isn't it polite to pour tea for your companion as well as yourself? Or do you sit there with the teapot between the two of you alternately reaching out, grabbing it, and filling your own cup? (There are few problems in the world that can't be solved by good manners.)
kropotkin, Jan 28 2004

       "who'll be mum?"
po, Jan 28 2004

       I will! Now you go and tidy your room up this minute or you won't get any tea.
PeterSilly, Jan 28 2004

       One difficulty I can see is that the places for holding might get excessively hot.
supercat, Jan 28 2004

       What annoys me is the straight alignment between handle and spout on teapots. That often makes it difficult to pour unless I can position myself just right. I need a pot with the spout mounted on the lid, and the lid swiveling. That way I just tip the pot toward the cup, the spout turns toward the cup and I start pouring, straight, sideways, any angle I want. - Not sure about the technology.
kbecker, Jan 28 2004

       [silverstormer] I dont know man. as the moral police i say we guys have lost it!
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 29 2004

       I particularly like how [po]'s link talks about how lethal socks are, and the related sponsored links bar tries to sell you... socks.
It's a dangerous world out there.
benjamin, Jan 29 2004

       kbecker, you should post your turret teapot annotation as an idea.
Loris, Jan 29 2004

       kropotkin's cut to the quick: the technology might make taking tea more convenient, but would obviate the need for courtesy. The trend reduces occasions for exercising social and other graces.
andaway, Jan 29 2004

       Supercat is on to something. Handles are traditionally hollow and air filled so that they can remain relatively cool. The suggested design allows hot tea to flow through the handle and make it uncomfortably hot.   

       I'll just sit over here and hope someone else pours...   

       In silver (good conductor) teapots they even build in a thermal isolator for the handle lest you cook your fingers.   

       you have, of course, seen Donald Norman's classic worst case "masochist" version...[linkey]
DadManWalking, Jan 29 2004

       [UB] looks like tank teapots are around (link). Sadly the turret does not swivel. We'll have to halfbake it.   

       The (link) is worth browsing if you are into teapots. Looks like the Farmer smoked some of his homegrown weeds. ;-)
kbecker, Jan 29 2004

       Con: If you moved it too fast, it might spill water out the spout/ handle near your hand, scalding your arm.
sonyuser, Jan 29 2004

       [sonyuser] - this could be solved with some kind of simple valve system: by grasping a handle, you close off the flow of tea from that handle's spout.   

       Or, better yet, both/all spouts could normally be closed, and a spout would only open when the opposite handle was grasped (using levers or whatever). If a teapot needs to vent some steam (not being a tea connoisseur I wouldn't know), add a central vent.
benjamin, Jan 30 2004

       [FarmerJohn]: Now if you could turn your attention to a re-design of those hotel teapots that were seemingly designed by a practical joker?
You know, the stainless steel ones that dribble the tea down the side of the pot, and if you angle the pot over some more to try to stop it dribbling, the lid falls into your cup?
Ling, Mar 03 2004

       Symmetric about a plane? Fairly trivial. I challange you to design a functional teapot that is symmetric about a line. Then someone could grab and pour it from any angle. Don't try around a point though - it's just not worth it.
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2005


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