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Sun Tea Night Brewer

Sometimes It Would Be Nice To Brew Sun Tea At Night For Morning Use
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it has been oppressively hot in the u.s. this past week. in response, i've had to switch from drinking hot teas to drinking things that wish they were hot teas. my favorite of these is sun tea.

the problem with sun tea, is that you are limited in your brewing schedule for tea. if you're more of a night person, or you've finished off the last of your batch at night, you can't brew more for morning use. in response to this, i've developed plans for a night time sun tea brewing device.

this device consists of a number of systems. included are the auto-tap, which fills the brewing jar with fresh water,the artificial sun lamp for brewing, the tea bag freshening robotic arm, that changes the tea bags each cycle, the tea chilling unit that utilizes ice water to chill the tea to a comfortable drinking temperature quickly, the pressure chamber that holds tea pressurized by an internal pump while it waits to be removed from the system via a convenient tap, and a small table to rest your favored tea drinking glass on during the filling process.

this system is almost totally automatic, and can brew and chill tea while you attend to more trivial matters temporarily. matters such as sleep. all that is needed is for the periodic changing of the tea bag magazine, and the actual drinking of the tea.

note: the deluxe model has text message notification of both the end of the brew cycle, and tea bag magazine reload notifier.

tcarson, Jul 25 2006

Night Time Sun Tea Brewing Device http://s107.photobu...e=&imgAnch=imgAnch1
[tcarson, Jul 25 2006]

teasmade http://www.teasmade.com/
wake up - smell the tea! [xenzag, Jul 25 2006]

Sun tea with Alcaligenes viscolactis http://www.snopes.c.../prepare/suntea.asp
[angel, Jul 25 2006]


       it could be said to be a little bit baked in the U.K., though your version has certain novel features so giving it a + anyway
xenzag, Jul 25 2006

       [xenxag], this version is for sun tea. for cooler periods, hot tea can be made any number of ways during dark hours
tcarson, Jul 25 2006

       I believe it's perfectly allowable to make iced tea by steeping the tea in water overnight in the fridge. No need for pesky sun at all.
moomintroll, Jul 25 2006

       I second [BB]'s 'Ewww' (linky).
angel, Jul 25 2006

       I agree with moom. I think sun tea is good for camping or somewhere you don't have a stove. One can also make a tea *concentrate* by using a lot of tea bags to a small amount of water, then when you want iced tea, just add cold water and ice. It gets colder faster this way.
xandram, Jul 25 2006

       I used to drink cold-steeped tea, and found out that "brewing" it in the fridge worked just as well as outdoors in the sun, and was a lot more convenient.
baconbrain, Jul 25 2006


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