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Teal Classic Aviation-style Bluetooth Headset

Add a touch of credibility to that 'My other car is a jet' bumper sticker.
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Bluetooth stereo headphones designed to look exactly like those awesome classic aviator headphones, right down to the triple-hinge boom mic. To be worn exclusively with a brown leather bomber jacket and aviator shades. Don't just look like a tool while you zip through traffic at douchebag-level speed in that minivan: BE the tool.

To make these headphones legal to wear while driving, the sound transmitted via Bluetooth plays at greatly-reduced volume in the left ear (right if you drive in Europe or anywhere else that routes traffic down the wrong lane), which has a hearing aid-like external sound amplifier.

21 Quest, Sep 19 2013

https://www.google....7UqaTDu7ligLd0oHYBg https://www.google....7UqaTDu7ligLd0oHYBg
[MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2013]


       They're kind of uncomfortable
DIYMatt, Sep 19 2013


DenholmRicshaw, Sep 19 2013

       Could maybe include these (link).
normzone, Sep 19 2013

       I never found them to be uncomfortable... I did end up painting mine black, however, to cover up an unfortunate image that was scrawled in indelible ink on the right cup. I do miss the smell of JP-8 in the morning...
21 Quest, Sep 19 2013

       // To be worn exclusively with a brown leather bomber jacket and aviator shades. //

       "exclusively" … ? So, nothing below the waist, then ?

       // BE the tool //

       Given the above, that will be quite obvious as soon as you exit the vehicle …

       // They're kind of uncomfortable //

       That depends on a lot of factors … we like them.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2013

       and a squashed peaked cap.
FlyingToaster, Sep 20 2013

       Oh yeah, gotta have the peaked cap. And norm, that helmet is freakin' sweet.
21 Quest, Sep 20 2013

       A perfect accompaniment, indeed, Max.
21 Quest, Sep 21 2013

       An hour's tinkering with an old Peltor headset (normally kept for the poor sods in the rear seats), a distribution amp and an old Bluetooth earpiece show that it is perfectly possible to make an adaptor that will link a standard headset to a bluetooth-capable mobile.

       Admittedly the setup is not exactly portable, and indeed will not stand rough handling (or indeed being moved at all) it's an effective technology demonstrator. So we're calling this one completely Bakeable.
8th of 7, Sep 22 2013

21 Quest, Sep 22 2013

       Speaking of which, why don't cars have trim tabs for the steering?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2013


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