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Wireless waterproof headphones

listen with them in the shower, while swimming, anywhere.
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for those obsessive music addicts out there (like myself) who despise actually having to stop the music when getting in water, these would be perfect. about the size of a small hearing aid, and somehow capable of sealing off water from getting to the speaker. they have waterproof headphones for metal detectors that divers use but they're very bulky and might not work on a compatable level with a cd player (i don't know what hz output would be on a cd player). the method of waterproofing that was used with those should be used on a tiny set of headphones that are also wireless. this way you'd never have to take them off unless cleaning your ears (something people with good hygiene do often anyway). volume control would be still be on the cd player, which would be carried around as it normally is, aside from the fact that it can now be placed in a backpack or cargo pocket without that wire becoming restricting, getting jerked out of the player when it gets caught on something, or just simply getting on your nerves. if it's waterproof it should also be resistant to chemicals in shampoo, soap, etc. i don't want credit for this if it were to be made, just somebody please make it!
aphexapex, Feb 19 2003

SWIMMAN http://shop.store.y...l/swimfulsubpe.html
"Swim, surf, sail, water ski, snorkel, windsurf, jog, do Extreme Sports, or any type of workout to your favorite music!" (Has wires though.) [pottedstu, Oct 21 2004]

Amphicom's Aqua FM http://www.amphicom...oduits/aquafmEN.htm
Nov 10 2003: A snorkel with integrated FM radio. Time magazine named it one of the "Coolest Inventions of 2003" [krelnik, Oct 21 2004]


       cue for a little Handel on the side for classic music lovers.
po, Feb 20 2003

       if it fits in your ear like a bud earpiece, it would be much easier to wash your hair in the shower, and if it's wireless you don't have to get the cd player dangerously near the water you're in (assuming these headphones have a long frequency range). also, there would not be the problem of having to carry the cd player with you throughout the house. obviously, a regular stereo system could play music through the house, but not with the same effect you get from headphones. my headphone wires often get caught on things and get in the way--i've had them pull glass off shelves, snap in two, etc.
aphexapex, Feb 20 2003

       "The SWIMMAN by Hydrophonics is the world’s only waterproof personal stereo cassette player! It is fully submersible to ten feet and with auto reverse for uninterrupted listening."   

       Not wireless, but definitely waterproof. (Link.)
pottedstu, Feb 20 2003

       The problem with hearing underwater is twofold. One, if water leaks in between the earphone and eardrum (i.e. the ear canal) then you won't hear the sound. No earphones are immune to this. So there has to be a waterproof seal of ear opening and earphone eartip. The earphone itself must also be sealed. Typical earphones lose sound quality when exposed to water, they begin to snap, crackle and pop like a bowl of rice krispies after a few dunkings. However, an earphone that is completely sealed except for the hole in the eartip will avoid water exposure as long asthe eartip is sealed at the ear opening and the rest of the earphone (i.e. the speaker) is also sealed.   

       I'm not sure whether Bluetooth will transmit through 1-6 inches of water. If it could then bluetooth speakers could be built into earplugs, possibly with a transmitted attachd to swim goggle strap or in a bathing cap.
ppatt, Aug 26 2003

       Can't you just sing to yourself like we all do?
dobtabulous, Nov 10 2003

       [aphexapex] as a muso-phile myself I can relate to your quandry. I can't remember the physics much any more, but instinct dictates that if you 'waterproof' the buds, then you won't be able to hear any ambiant noise at all which I'd have thought would be a safety issue...
seedy em, Nov 10 2003

       one way to make them water-proof would be to make something shaped similar to noseplugs but for your ear. or you could just put on some earplug headphones and put two condoms over your ear!
trickstar66, Jan 02 2004

       Not looking for earphones to submerge, just something that I can relax in the hottub with. Cordless earbuds or cordless something that I don't need to worry about while I'm soaking and listening to my favorite sounds!
dsimon, Jan 31 2004

       Water does transmit sound well, so I don't believe you'll necessarily need to seal the ear perfectly, but I do wonder how well water conducts radio signals--especially weak ones like those generated by wireless headphone transmitters...
galukalock, Jan 31 2004


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