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almost telepathy

don radio transmitters and send thoughts with them
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Make an analog signaling device that attaches to the (outside of the) back of a person's neck. It should detect nerve transmissions in the immediate area and not be too cumbersome.

Make a device that creates physical sensations. Attach it somewhere out of the way that still has a few thousand nerve endings. It could be pressure, heat/cold, mild jolts of electricity, whatever.

Attach these devices to a bluetooth transmitter/receiver. Now with practice people will have a whole new way to communicate.
Voice, Apr 12 2011

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World First As Message Sent From Brain To Brain [Voice, Sep 06 2014, last modified Sep 07 2014]


       Instead of the back of the neck, attach two of the signalling devices to the palms of the hands, where they could easily be activated by whacking them together. One could then attach a Taser to a Clapper and incorporate them into a special garment. This would be very similar to what you propose, using off-the-shelf technology.
bungston, Apr 12 2011

       Not so much telepathy - more like one of those devices you put a quarter in and hold the handles to see how great a lover you are by enduring electrical shock.   

       And why are we in other: [general] along with Beer Riot Water Cannon?
normzone, Apr 12 2011

       Telepathetic would simply be the adjectival form of telepathy. The adverb should also be possible, as in "they communicated telepathetically", by analogy with sympathy, sympathetic, sympathetically. Except we already have 'telepathic' and 'telepathically', unfortunately.
spidermother, Apr 13 2011

       agreeing with [normzone]- at least try Science:Technology
or Culture:Communication
xandram, Apr 14 2011

       I thumb my nose at you sir!
Voice, Apr 14 2011

       Yes, but when you do it does it cause a corresponding "physical sensation" pressure, heat/cold, mild jolts of electricity, or whatever" in either one of us?   

       I think not. Of course, maybe you knew that already by telepathy =)
normzone, Apr 14 2011

       A whole new galaxy of languages is born... I like it. Although most brain input devices at the moment can only distinguish between a couple of different brain states, which is just about enough to use dasher, slowly. This won't be viable until we get much better sensors. Alternatively, we could re-appropriate a small, under-used section of the brain and implant a comms chip directly. That'll be fun. Just don't blow a fuse.
idris83, Apr 14 2011

       People don't understand that when I offer an electronic skullcap, I just want to talk to them.
4and20, Sep 07 2014

       Possibly it's the big spikes on the inside of it?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 07 2014

       Slightly interestingly, some weakly-electric fish communicate using electrical impulses transmitted through the water. This is sort of fish telepathy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2014


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