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Teddy bees

so slick, Varroa just falls right off
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A hair product for bees. Not to kill the varoa mite but rather make it impossible to cling on.

I am sure, in our own large database of hair products, there would be something that is neutral to bees and makes the bee hair environment impossible to 'the mite'.

Maybe the Teddy culture quiff will bring out the switchblade attitude and those homeless suckers will get what's due.

disclaimer - previous sentence should only be taken in respect to context used.

wjt, Jan 09 2017


       Some kind of silicone might do the trick.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2017

       Or how about making a tiny bee-wash - similar to a car wash, but quite a lot smaller. Each bee passes through the bee-wash on its way into the hive, whereupon it is washed, combed and dried before joining its friends.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2017

       I thought this was going to be like teddy bears, but bees. You know, to raise awareness among the children of the bees' plights. I would have bunned that.   

       [+] anyway
notexactly, Jan 10 2017

       A bee-wash would likely change the scent of the bees. You do know social insects like ants and bees use scent to identify other members of the colony, and recognize invaders?
Vernon, Jan 10 2017

       Rumor is that the Varroa mites are going set up mosh pits in order to get themselves stickier.
popbottle, Jan 10 2017

       So do this from birth?
notexactly, Jan 10 2017

       Not to take back to the hive, but to share with other flowers. If this hair product keeps the pollen from sticking, it will defeat one of the main purposes of bees, namely helping flowers reproduce.
notexactly, Jan 11 2017

       actually there could be a tetris shaped polysilane (polysilanes are frequently found at shampoos) that leaves pollen sized spaces yet is glossy to mites. i think this is just barely possible. think a coasting of marbles, the pollen gets the areas in between, the mites slip off a plurality of spherical surfaces.
beanangel, Jan 11 2017


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