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fabric beehives

toss a rope over a limb; pull your bee attractant scented fabric beehive up the tree; honey n pollen opportunity
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this idea looks much like the [link]

stronger fabric with honeycomb prepattern polymer print

[<=> ] [<=> ] [ <=>] [<=> ] [<=>]||[queen chamber][g]

[<=>] is like [[] <=><=>honeycomb<=><=>} thats a pollen collecting landing area[] with honeycomb area much like a fabric langstroth super

stronger fabric with honeycomb prepattern polymer print

bees make honeycomb at the sections; I read that the queen prefers to live at the queen chamber

basically you just toss a rope over a tree limb; pull the bee attractant scented fabric beehive up the tree; honey n pollen opportunity

I thought it would be nifty to make a few of these then have bees colonize them; to pilfer honey you just lower the beehive to person level then put anaesthetic gas at [g] gently shake bees onto another hive area just like regular beekeeping

bee pollen is a high vitamin high protein food; honey is honey; I think honey sugars may be catalytically turned to starch with a bacterial enzyme a process similar to brewing but you get starch or alcohol as you choose the bacteria

anyway the idea is to put these up along a hiking route n just have mostly nutritionally complete food absent labor; if you do a thoughtful job the bees prosper beyond the pilfering

there are chemical bee attractants lemongrass is also published as effective

this idea completely banishes the idea of crops n the associated human social forms that provided labor; it would've been just the thing to skip "land ownership" the side effect known as "communism" n even aspects of "government" if our ancestors had thought of making them as the gatherer phase of humanity could support billions

if combined with nernst battery nature shapes that turn wood fiber to glucose then theres lots n lots of honey

beanangel, Mar 17 2008

like a fabric beehive http://www.walmart....?product_id=4888330
[beanangel, Mar 17 2008]

Here's one option... http://img58.images...18/scan10001wq7.jpg
[normzone, Mar 17 2008, last modified Mar 11 2011]

[WCW], here's what happened to your bees... http://www.youtube....ure=player_embedded
[normzone, Mar 11 2011]


       Needs jam.
marklar, Mar 17 2008

       Having kept bees for the last fourteen years, I might point out that bees are not stupid. They want a secure, protected environment, and won't go for something floppy.   

       Well, OK. I once kept a bee. It didn't work out.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2008

       It was a has bee.
xenzag, Mar 17 2008

       At one point, I thought I had a second bee, but I could never be sure if it was there or not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2008

       A two bee or not to be....
xenzag, Mar 17 2008

       You two are just beeing silly.
david_scothern, Mar 17 2008

       ...or maybe a was'p.
xenzag, Mar 17 2008

       Let's not forget the banjo.   



       On second thought...
Canuck, Mar 18 2008

       Almost all of my bees have died mysteriously. Any ideas for how I can better morn the loss of thousands of my little friends?
WcW, Mar 18 2008

       hi i am designing a fabric beehive. Did you do any thing along these lines.   

       As to the beekeeper who posted here i am sorry to hear you are fixed in your thinking. My thoughts along these lines are to install stiffeners in appropriate places as to eliminate floppiness i also see an opportunity to make some wonderful art.
farmer_ant, Mar 11 2011

       //how I can better morn the loss of thousands of my little friends?//   

       Well, my condolences to the bee-reved, but as a competing bee-keeper, I and my clan have been hive-fiving your loss ever since.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       //Did you do any thing along these lines.//   

       Welcome to the HB, farmer ant! I have to break the news to you, though, that "do" is not a common outcome of our musings here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2011

       //that "do" is not a common outcome of our musings here.//   

       This policy has been keeping bakers alive since 2001
MikeD, Mar 12 2011


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