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Teeth Paint

Whitens Teeth
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It's now all the rage to have bright white teeth. There are many products out there these days to help facilitate this. However, a solution may be closer than you think. Go over to your desk and pull out that bottle of "White Out". Shake it up really good and then use the small applicator brush to put it on your teeth. Smile really big for 3-5 minutes while it dries! And there you have it!

If you don't have the white out you may go to the garage and look for some white paint. Apply with a "Q-Tip".

And for all the fun at parties you can get youself one of those gold paint pens. And hook yourself up with some serious gangster-lean gold fronts!

Gibby B

Gibby B, Feb 12 2003

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       while the thought of painting my teeth with White Out does sound like a barrel full of monkey's I think it could go south and dissolve after a couple of minutes much like the ill fated Crest kind
Girlkicksboy, Feb 12 2003

       a little flashlight attachment just to the side of each upper canine that I could cause to light when I smile would be really something.
po, Feb 12 2003

       Kids, adults, don't try this at home. (link)
half, Feb 12 2003

       //a little flashlight attachment //   

       You could build that with a very small LED encapsulated with the smallest battery you could find. a microswitch would close the circuit when pressure is released.   

       It'd be really spooky in red - great for Halloween - until you swallowed it, that is.
FloridaManatee, Feb 12 2003

       Disgusting. Only useful if you want to get high. Have you ever taste that stuff? (Accidental)
DesertFox, Apr 30 2004


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